March, 2020 BUSINESS BRIEFS Technica to Represent Teradyne’s

Production Board Test Equipment San Jose, CA — Technica U.S.A. has reached a sales representation agreement with Teradyne to represent the company’s production board test equipment in northern California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Teradyne is known for automating two of manufac- turing’s most critical elements: repetitive manual tasks and electronic test. Everything Teradyne creates and invests in is oriented to help organizations deliver their highest quality products and bring them to market quickly, with the most profitable electronics. Web:

JAVAD Reaches 10-Year Milestone

San Jose, CA — JAVAD EMS (JEMS) is celebrating 10 years of providing low- to medium-volume, high-mix electronics manufacturing services. JEMS was founded in 2010 and a majority of its employees have been with the company since the beginning. Today, the company is a thriving, full-service contract electronics manufacturer providing leading-edge, high-quality products for its customers with applications in the mil/aerospace, medical, industrial, and net- working markets. The company prides itself on its quality, from its equipment and processes to its employees and finished products. Web:

BTU Celebrates 70th Anniversary

North Billerica, MA — BTU International, Inc., is celebrating its 70th anniver- sary. Since 1950, with more than 10,000 units shipped, the company has been a trusted name for high-tech customers who need to solve high-volume thermal pro- cessing challenges. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Amtech Group, BTU is a global supplier and technology leader of advanced thermal processing equipment in the electronics manufacturing market. BTU’s high-performance reflow ovens are used in the production of SMT PCB assemblies and in semiconductor packaging processes. The company has operations in Billerica, Massachusetts and Shang- hai, China, with a sales presence and service in more than 30 countries. Web:

Flex Power Modules Partners

with Digi-Key San Jose, CA — Flex Power Modules has signed a partnership agreement with Digi-Key Electronics to open a new sales channel, expand its global footprint and accelerate customer order fulfillment. Digi-Key is the fifth-largest elec- tronics components distributor in the world. At any given time, over 1.8 mil- lion products are in stock and ready to be shipped from the company’s head- quarters in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. There are no lead times for in-stock products, enabling the company to ship 99 percent of all orders the same day they are placed. Digi-Key ships an average of around 18,000 orders each day. Web:

PROMATION Celebrates 20th Year

Kenosha, WI — PROMATION is celebrating its 20th anniversary serving the electronics manufacturing industry. Founder Gary Goldberg began manufac- turing high-quality PCB handling systems with continual investments made in next-generation technologies. Today the company offers a wide range of man- ufacturing technologies, including laser marking, label placement, PCB rout- ing, and robotic soldering systems, all of which include an excellent front-end software interface. This year also marks vice president Mike Goldberg’s 10th year with the company, who quickly became PROMATION’s soldering guru, co-designing soldering systems with overseas partners. Web:

Hanwha Opens Germany Tech Center

Cypress, CA — Hanwha Techwin Automation Americas, formerly Samsung C&T Automation, has opened an integrated tech center in Germany, the Han- wha Europe Technical Center. Responsible for manufacturing Hanwha’s ma- chinery, Hanwha Precision Machinery will use the new tech center as the base for large-scale projects in Europe and to attract new clients. The new center is a two-story building with an area of 7,653 ft2 (711m2). The space is fitted with a training area, office and meeting room, as well as a display area for the com- pany’s 10 main products, including its flagship chip mounter, collaborative ro- bot and assembly automation equipment. Web:

Technic Marks 75 Years of Operation

Cranston, RI — Technic has completed its 75th year in operation as a leading supplier of specialty plating chemistry, surface finishing and analytical control equipment, and engineered powders to electronics manufacturers around the world. Founded in Providence, Rhode Island, in December 1944, the company began operations as a chemical supplier to the New England decorative plat- ing industry. By the late 1940s, Technic’s expertise and products were used to support the earliest stages of the PCB industry. By the 1950s, the company be- came an essential resource, developing specialty products and equipment for the rapidly growing electronics industry. Web:


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Why You Should Upgrade to a CableEye Tester…


Using built-in scripting with operator prompts to automate a test procedure is only one way in which the flexible, intuitive CableEye cable and harness test system adapts to meet your needs.

 operator interface for production workers, it's easy!

 instructions with images, or change the screen language, we have your back.

 data in a report showing resistances, voltages, and leakage current for every connection, we can provide this, automatically.

 diagnostic tools to find intermittent connections, locate shorts, opens, or mis- wires, our live graphic wiring display makes this a snap.

 cable data from inadvertent erasure or tampering, our operator log-in privilege settings are there for you.

 files and auto-detected fixtures between different models, our common software platform and network interface makes that a cinch.

 be Future-Proof, you will like that we do not use embedded computers or screens.

 hardware and rock-solid support, we insist on that too. Here’s what others have to say: Automation-Ready

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Multilingual Diagnostic Netlist/Schematic

Production Continuity & HiPot 

Output Options

Ready, Pass T & Fail Signals

rigger Signal Relay Control

Printing Speech GUI

Export Files Example

Tower Light, LEDs, Audible Tone

Foot pedal, remote control

Lock & Release Latches, Diverter Gates Reports & Labels

Guided Assembly Schematic, Netlist

csv, xml, Excel, Archival Data-Logging


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