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March, 2020 Business news

Viscom and SMT NA Join Forces in Effort to Reduce Voids

Duluth, GA — SMT Thermal Discov- eries and Viscom are collaborating in SMT’s technology center, demon- strating to visitors how vacuum tech- nology in reflow can nearly eliminate voids in solder joints. Viscom has installed one of its X8011-II manual X-ray inspection

component, these switches require optimal heat dissipation, which is se- verely impaired by voids. Viscom’s automated 3D X-ray

inspection uses extensive software analyses to detect voids easily and accurately in the solder joints of BGA components and LEDs. The compa- ny’s proprietary XVR computer tomography and contour-based procedure, X-ray inspection im- ages can be provided with accu- rate contours. The number and size of the

Frank Ehehalt, process expert, SMT Thermal Discoveries, explains the difference between conventional reflow and reflow with vacuum.

systems in the technology center, which proves the results of the reflow process with precise inspection im- ages before and after. The rapidly growing markets

for renewable energy and electromo- bility also exert a strong influence on electronics manufacturing. Complex assemblies with extremely sensitive power electronics require an efficient manufacturing process that guaran- tees excellent product quality. Voids in surface soldering can

adversely affect product performance and service life. Due to the high cur- rents in power electronics and the re- sulting high temperatures of the

individual voids found, as well as the total of all void areas on the assembly, are supplied, which provide critical parameters for the production process. Vacuum reflow soldering works by draw- ing the gaseous pores that create voids to the surface of the solder joint, where they are then flushed out by the surface ten- sion of the solder paste. “We ensure that solder joints

are sound and Viscom inspects the results in a reliable and traceable manner,” said Frank Ehehalt,

process expert at SMT Thermal Dis- coveries. “Viscom’s automatic X-ray inspection system impressed us with its ease of operation, speed and excel- lent inspection quality. Our customers thus benefit from the highest inspect-

ed product quality.” Contact: Viscom, Inc., 1775

Breckinridge Parkway, Suite 500, Duluth, GA 30096 % 678-966-9835 E-mail: Web: and SMT North America, Inc., 2270 Pump Road, Suite A, Richmond, VA 23233 % 804-360-1306 E-mail: Web: r

Foxconn and Heraeus Partner for 5G

Hanau, Germany — Foxconn Technol- ogy Group and Heraeus have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for strategic cooperation. Both companies are committed to shaping the future of 5G technology together. The two companies aim to joint-

ly develop new market potential in the field of 5G telecommunications and collaborate to test solutions, in order to accelerate the development process. A first area of cooperation will be the shielding of electromag- netic interference (EMI) — a key technology for 5G mobile phones. “With 5G technology we are en- tering a new era of connectivity,”

said Frank Stietz, president of busi- ness area electronics, Heraeus. “Strong partnerships like this will help us to jointly develop innovative solutions needed by manufacturers in the upcoming years.” Prior to signing the memoran-

dum, Foxconn and Heraeus cooperat- ed in jointly exhibiting selected tech- nologies at the China International Import Exhibition (CIIE) in Shang-

hai, earlier this year. Contact: Heraeus, Inc., 24

Union Hill Road, West Conshohock- en, PA 19428 % 215-944-9981 E-mail: Web:

Absolute EMS Passes AS9100 Rev D Audit with Zero Findings

Santa Clara, CA — Absolute EMS, Inc., has successfully completed its 2020 surveillance audit for the AS9100 Rev D SAE International Aerospace Standard with zero find- ings. This standard includes ISO 9001:2015 quality management sys- tem requirements and specifies addi- tional aviation, space and de- fense industry requirements, definitions and notes. Absolute EMS contin-

ues to take the necessary steps to improve the quality of its products and services and to enhance customer sat- isfaction. The company man- ages, controls and audits its own processes, in addition to having outside certification bodies verifying that its QMS meet the requirements. As the internationally

recognized standard for aero- space quality management systems, AS9100 is based on seven quality management princi- ples: customer focus, leadership, en- gagement of people, process ap- proach, improvement, evidence- based decision making, and relation- ship management. The company’s QMS is based on these principles. “Absolute EMS is very proud to

boast that our AS9100 audit was processed with zero findings,” com- mented Doug Dow, COO, Absolute

Absolute EMS’ factory floor in Santa Clara, California.

idly introduce innovative new tech- nology by facilitating speed to mar- ket. Speed to market starts with en- gineering services and extends into prototypes, pilots and on into produc- tion.

Contact: Absolute EMS, 555

Aldo Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95054 % 408-850-7530 E-mail: Web: r

Scheugenpflug Now Part of Atlas Copco

Kennesaw, GA — Scheugenpflug AG is now part of the Swedish industrial group Atlas Copco. The closing of the purchase agreement took place in early January, after competition au- thorities had approved the planned acquisition. Scheugenpflug now operates

within Atlas Copco’s Industrial As- sembly Solutions (IAS) division as a new, independent business line fo- cusing on electronic dispensing. Oth- er business lines in the IAS division cover mechanical joining and indus- trial dispensing. Olaf Leonhardt is the new

chairman of the managing board. Leonhardt has more than 20 years of global leadership and management experience and brings more than 25 years of know-how in the field of ad- hesive bonding and dispensing to the new position. After holding positions as man- ager of the Innovation Center and

manager of research and develop- ment for adhesive bonding and dis- pensing technology, he was responsi- ble for the business of SCA Schucker GmbH for four years as general man- ager. From 2019 to 2020 he was gen- eral manager of Atlas Copco IAS GmbH. As part of Atlas Copco, Scheu -

genpflug not only strengthens its po- sition as a supplier of premium dis- pensing solutions with high automa- tion competence. The global presence of the Swedish industrial group also provides the dispensing technology specialist with more avenues to growth.

Contact: Scheugenpflug, Inc.,

1000 Cobb Place Boulevard, Suite 514, Kennesaw, GA 30144 % 770-218-0835 E-mail: sales.usa@scheugenpflug- Web: www.scheugenpflug-dispens- r

EMS. “This is a true reflection of our core commitment to the industry — providing a high-quality rapid-re- sponse manufacturing environment that is scalable and repeatable.” The company is a leader in end-

to-end electronics manufacturing services that help its customers rap-

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