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The finalists have been chosen. It’s now over to you to decide who will be crowned the winner of the Tomorrow’s Health and Safety Awards 2019.

This marks the fifth year of the Tomorrow’s Health and Safety Awards and, as ever, the standard has been exceptionally high. Every year these awards offer organisations of all sizes a golden opportunity to prove their continuing commitment to raising occupational health, safety and wellbeing standards with their offerings.

After months of deliberation, we’ve whittled down all of the entries to a final 50. The shortlist compiled represents every facet of the industry. From floor mats and wheel covers to health and safety software solutions, we’ve covered everything from affordable, essential entries to the things you’ll need for a more bespoke project. Awarding innovation is the crucial idea here, which is why you will see both familiar faces and a host of newcomers.

In the pages ahead, you’ll find each of our finalists displayed alphabetically by product name, with a synopsis outlining its features and benefits, as well as a link to their company website so you can find more information about the entry should you require it.

PICK YOUR WINNER The power from here on out is in your hands. Voting is now open. You have until Friday 15th March to cast your vote and decide who will take

4 AWARDS 2019 home, and place on their mantlepiece, our prestigious trophy.

Whether it’s a product or service you’ve used before or something that jumps out at you, you decide who will take first, second and third place in our awards.

Product innovations are making a constant impact on the working lives of people throughout the UK, but we want to know which ones have truly revolutionised health and safety in your workplace over the past year.

HOW TO VOTE Votes are open to every reader of Tomorrow’s Health and Safety. All you need to do is visit our poll and select your favourite entry. There are no tedious forms to fill out, simply have a read of this guide, pick your winner on the survey and click. There is a comments box for you to leave a reason why you’ve made that particular choice, but voting is as quick and easy as you want it to be. Please bear in mind that you can only vote once – so make it count. Click here to vote. CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite...






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