EYECARE PLANS ASE Corporate Eyecare

The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at Work Regulations 1992 concerns the employer’s obligation to provide PPE to every employee exposed to health and safety hazards at work. It is vitally important that PPE equipment is appropriate and fit for purpose.

ASE Corporate Eyecare is part of Essilor International SA, the world’s largest ophthalmic manufacturer and offers complete eyecare solutions for prescription safety eyewear users, as well as more specialist forms of safety eyewear such as breathing apparatus inserts for Fire and Rescue Services, ballistic eyewear for Firearms Officers and innovative eyewear for military aircrew for the MoD.

There are many issues associated with prescription safety eyewear. Typical complaints include discomfort associated with side shields, fogging, or often that the frames simply lack style. All of these can contribute to employees not wearing their eyewear for the purpose it was intended, causing serious issues and potential risks for employees as well as Health and Safety Officers.

Our prescription safety eyewear collection provides eye protection for use in even the most hazardous environments - from the collections of traditional safety spectacles with side shields through to innovative wraparound polycarbonate eyeshields. All of their prescription safety eyewear conforms to EN 166 1F and utilises the most robust and resilient materials to ensure the highest quality protection.

With a starting price of just £49 our Protect “EyecarePlan Protect” vouchers provide a full eye and eyesight test, visual acuity report and single vision, bifocal or varifocal safety glasses with polycarbonate or trivex lenses. Tweet us @TomorrowsHS

Safety is paramount in every industry. And, when it comes to working at height, robust fall protection mechanisms need to be in place to keep everyone secure – regardless of whether a structure is two or twenty storeys tall.

At Access North, they offer a comprehensive CDM 2015 maintenance, design, installation, inspection, certification and testing service for temporary and permanent fall protection equipment, in line with British and EU standards.

Given the diverse range of architecture across the UK, a one-size- fits-all approach to fall protection simply wouldn’t work. With that in mind, they determine the best-fit equipment, design and installation for every site.

Access North are proud to be an official Soter partner. Their industry- renowned arrest and restraint systems allow for greater versatility of access and gives clients the edge when working at height. Upon deployment, the Soter2 system is designed to absorb the force of a fall, thus saving the roof from any damage, making it a system with tangible added value - save the man, save the roof.

Access North’s expertise also covers GRP walkways, edge protection guardrails and eyebolts for both fall arrest/restraint working and rope access/work positioning.

Their world is governed by the Work at Height Regulations 2005, and they're proud to say they know this legislation inside-out – whether it’s planning and risk assessments or the design and maintenance of safety systems, they've got you covered.

A wealth of experience working alongside facilities managers, construction firms and property owners has taught them that while each job is different, the priority remains the same – to ensure a safe environment for clients’ employees. AWARDS 2019 11

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