SiteZone Proximity Warning System (PWS) is an audible and visual warning system designed to reduce the risk of vehicle-personnel collisions. It works using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, which can detect movement, people and objects in challenging environmental conditions on a working site.

SiteZone users create a detection zone around a vehicle, machine or even a restricted area. When the detection zone is breached by personnel wearing a SiteZone tag, the machine/vehicle operator is alerted to their presence on a visual display unit in the cab and by an external alarm, so that they can take the appropriate action.

SiteZone can be used where people and vehicles working closely together is of concern; for example, construction sites, depots, warehouses, trackside construction sites, or portside warehouses and docks.

SiteZone offers variations and add-ons to the basic model, such as:

• A wireless version ‘SiteZone iNstant’, that can be fitted instantly when a visiting vehicle enters a site.

• Cloud-based data logging system called ‘OverSite’ to record incident data for analysis.

• ‘BucketZone’ can create a detection zone around specific working equipment – like extendable parts on diggers and loading shovels.

• SiteZone Easyfit, installed in less than 30 minutes.

SiteZone fits almost any vehicle and its flexible design allows system options to meet tailored needs. SiteZone also complements existing safe systems of work and segregation standards. Purchase or hire options are available to make SiteZone accessible to small business or sole traders, so safety is obtainable to all relevant operatives. Tweet us @TomorrowsHS


MANAGEMENT Slip Safety Services

Slip Safety Services provides expert bespoke, end-to-end floorcare services and maintenance to quantifiably improve floor safety and/or standards, reducing the risk of slip accidents by more than 50%.

Their knowledge, recommendations and solutions have led to them to becoming the trusted name in slip risk management nationwide by blue-chip end users, insurers, facility management companies and a range of partners, to whom they provide quality services that demonstrate value.

HSE estimate a slip or trip accident occurs every three minutes in the UK costing employers around £500m per year and accounting for 21% of personal injury claims.

All businesses have a responsibility to all employees and visitors to assess and manage slip safety including taking steps to control slip and trip risks.

Their slip safety surveys and consultancy combine our industry experience with pendulum and ATP testing to produce a comprehensive report outlining areas of concern and recommendations to reduce slip risk within your business.

Additionally, they offer customers deep cleaning, restoration, sealing and anti-slip treatments for all types of floor surfaces. In leisure industries, this can provide 20 times ROI when it comes to membership retention and acquisition.

Following this, they ensure you remain compliant with legislation through our ongoing planned maintenance of cleaning and retreatment as necessary which is all documented and certified.

Through demonstrating your willingness towards compliance – as a business you can avoid costly claims, hefty fines and even reduce your insurance costs. AWARDS 2019 25

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