SoloProtect ID Pro offers a comprehensive platform for lone worker security, including giving users the option of streaming video for faster verification during a live ‘Red Alert’, receipt of geographically- triggered risk messaging, and indoor location capability powered by Bluetooth and Wifi.

The ID Pro’s video functionality makes it a Body Worn Video (BWV) device, with a greater focus on being ‘fit for purpose’ for civilian applications where streamed video evidence and discretion are a requirement. It is the smallest and lightest BWV device with cellular capability on the market, designed as an ID badge holder, is easy to integrate into apparel, and can be used independently of its video capability as needed.

Streaming video and accompanying audio directly into SoloProtect's Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) during an alarm gives the SoloProtect ID Pro several distinct advantages over traditional BWV.

ID Pro's video recording is not 'always on' – thus enabling a smaller device footprint, but also making it more accessible, and not cumbersome for a lone worker to integrate into their daily apparel. At 103g, the ID Pro is the lightest streaming BWV device available.

Video streams live to a SoloProtect Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) during a Red Alert. Giving comprehensive video verification (in combination with event audio) provides an operator the full picture of an event, and better intelligence in scenarios where discernible pitch and tone do not reflect the level of threat or an unreferenced weapon. 26 AWARDS 2019

SPACEVAC Denis Rawlins

SpaceVac is a high-level cleaning system, enabling operators to clean blocked gutters and remove high-level dust from inaccessible areas from the safety of the ground floor.

The system is built around a set of interlocking lightweight cleaning poles, that combine up to a total height of 15m to allow cleaning up to five stories high without the need for ladders, scaffolding or cherry pickers. This removes all of the danger of working at height, whilst offering drastically reduced downtime for operators and a huge ROI compared to the expense of hiring external machinery.

The system also features a range of accessories and cleaning tools to provide a flexible, responsive cleaning solution that can adapt and reach into even the toughest spots - thanks to the interconnecting nature of all of our heads, poles and tools. Further operators can even monitor the progress of cleans in real time from the safety of the ground floor with our wireless camera and inspection system (included as standard).

SpaceVac's innovative high-level cleaning technology can even be brought into ATEX explosive atmospheres using their ATEX- certified cleaning system, which is a world first. The ATEX system is a completely conductive version of their system for use in the specialised environments that can accumulate dangerous combustible dust and by-products. CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite...






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