MICROSOS Peoplesafe

MicroSOS is the world’s smallest and lightest personal safety device that is fully certified against industry standard BS 8484:2016 and Secured by Design.

The device links directly to Peoplesafe’s Alarm Receiving Centre at the touch of a button. On activation, dedicated 24/7 emergency support is available from a team of controllers who can communicate directly with users via the device. If further assistance is required, Peoplesafe follow bespoke escalation procedures and can bypass 999 to provide a priority police response.

If a user is unable to manually raise an alarm, the Man Down variant features a fall sensor which can automatically trigger an alert. MicroSOS’s A-GPS then allows Peoplesafe to trace the user’s location to within metres, displaying information on a map which is accessible via Peoplesafe’s online Customer Service Centre (CSC).

The pocket-sized device can be worn in a number of different ways for convenience and discreetness, including around the neck on a lanyard or fastened to the back of an ID badge. For increased flexibility MicroSOS can also be clipped onto a belt in a holster or attached to a keyring.

As a durable lone working solution, MicroSOS is IP67 rated, meaning the device is fully protected against dust particles and waterproof. The device is designed to withstand harsh conditions, whilst also being inconspicuous, making it suitable for those working in a variety of industries from construction to social care.

MicroSOS is the pinnacle of years of industry experience and product development, representing the next generation of personal safety alarms. 18 AWARDS 2019


Noise induced hearing loss is preventable, but long-lasting damage is permanent. With an estimated 20,000 workers suffering with work-related hearing problems in Great Britain, health and safety managers must have noise monitoring processes in place to eliminate the condition. It is their responsibility to adhere to the noise regulations outlined in the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

Casella created its noise-monitoring course to train health and safety managers efficiently in managing noise levels to protect their workforces. The course is run by Casella’s leading noise expert, Shaun Knott, with 25 years’ experience in encouraging best practice in training individuals how to use monitoring equipment such as sound level meters and personal dosimeters.

The course helps attendees understand how to adhere to legislation through implementing practical and cost-effective noise monitoring solutions. Attendees gain knowledge of the regulations, understand the importance of noise monitoring for a worker’s health, learn about the various techniques for noise measurement and gain the skills needed to start measuring noise efficiently in their workplace.

The course is hugely popular in the health and safety community, with people registering as soon as dates are announced. Shaun Knott said: “Participants leave our course with a clear understanding of how to turn noise readings into meaningful values that will help determine the most appropriate form of action, such as noise control. We look forward to running more courses in 2019 and helping to further upskill managers in this important area.” CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite...






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