TESTER Shawcity

The Quantifit Respirator Fit Tester from OHD is the industry breakthrough in portable mask-fit technology, using Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP) instead of traditional aerosol particle counting.

Its simpler testing technology means it can test after a 30 second daily calibration in virtually any environment as long as air is present and there is a power supply, a unique benefit over its competitors. It is already used by emergency services and first responders across the world and is suitable for any industry where respirator fit testing is applicable.

Quantifit is innovative in terms of introducing simpler and faster technology to UK fit testing. Traditional aerosol products count particles to measure gas, vapour and particulate. If there are not enough particles in the air to test, the user has to light candles or incense or generate salt fog to create the particles needed to complete the test.

Exclusively available from Shawcity in the UK, Quantifit is revolutionary as it doesn’t count particles but uses controlled negative pressure with air as the challenge agent. It quickly and safely demonstrates that if air can get into the respirator then gases, vapours and particles could too. Aerosol tests must generate gases, vapours or particles to be able to perform a particle count.

Virtually maintenance-free, Quantifit has no messy wick which normally needs changing twice a day. A simple 30 second daily calibration ensures it is working within a strict tolerance. Tweet us @TomorrowsHS

REBO SMS R1 Rebo Systems

The Rebo SMS R1 by Rebo systems is a colour, cut sign and labelling system.

Creating health and safety signage in colour has become faster, more effective and easier to produce in-house with the remarkable new SMS R1 system from Rebo Systems in the Netherlands.

The R1 is a desktop system that can print in multiple colours, cut any shape and in any number of quantities in minutes. This allows users to create one-off safety messages and multiple signs and labels in one process. The R1 gives the safety professional the ability to create unique, fully legal safety information with a highly ‘risk specific’ message and format.

Controlling costs, making delivery instant and with an enormous range of materials including high durability coloured vinyl, certified glow in the dark and low and high strength adhesives – the R1 adds a higher level of effectiveness to the communication of safety and identification, of hazards and risks in all environments. AWARDS 2019 21

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