WORKWIZE EssentialSkillz

The powerful Learning Management System, WorkWize, provides extensive reporting functionality for any type of eLearning programme, enabling you to rapidly implement online training initiatives, increase engagement and improve compliance.

Centralised, scalable e-learning

Roll your training out across your business, a region or across the world. WorkWize has been designed to be scalable - so the solution can grow as your business grows. They have customers ranging from 100 users to 100,000+ users.

Training records

WorkWize retains a complete training history for each employee. This includes eLearning, Risk Assessments, Policy Sign Off and Instructor Led Training. You can see the scores achieved in tests, print certificates and even analyse the responses they provided during a test.

Testing and confirmation of knowledge

Design your own tests and assessments to confirm that the training has been understood. WorkWize has built in functionality for creating and editing end of course tests. The tests are highly configurable, depending on how you wish to test the users knowledge.

Tracking, Reporting, re-enrolling your eLearning

WorkWize has a Compliance Module that provides a dashboard of compliance, by course or by job role, across your whole organisation or filtered, to give a more granular view.

Integrate your HR, Training and Compliance Systems

WorkWize can integrate with most standard HR or payroll systems to ensure that the user data in WorkWize is always up to date. WorkWize can also pass training completions back to your systems providing a comprehensive two-way integration. 30 AWARDS 2019


Safety is imperative when it comes to preventing workplace accidents. This is particularly important for employees that are required to use ladders. With the new European ladder safety legislation, EN 131-1 and 2, that came into force in January 2018, ZARGES launched the R13 stepladder to encourage safer working at height.

Built of aluminium, making it light and sturdy, the stepladder’s treads and platform are fitted with materials that give it the highest anti-slip performance, ideal for oily and wet environments.

ZARGES’ new R13 stepladder has already been certified and complies with the assessment criteria of the EN standard. The product is unique because both the stepladder’s treads and its platform are fitted with a surface with the highest anti-slip rating (R13).

The user-friendly aluminium design is both light and sturdy. The R13 stepladder also features a platform measuring 300mm by 250mm, providing more comfort during prolonged standing compared to previous models.

• 80 mm deep treads with R13 surface and perforations to drain fast. • Abrasion-resistant, anodised stiles. • Maximum working heights thanks to 280mm high access. • Practical aluminium storage tray for small items and tools.

• Platform made from extruded aluminium (300 mm × 250 mm) with R13 surface for safer and comfortable standing even when working for longer periods of time.

• Replaceable 2-component plastic end caps ensure positioning without risk of slipping and at the same time provide firm seating in the stile.

• High-strength Perlon belts prevent splay, fitted on all models of five rungs or more. CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite...






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