GORE developed GORE-TEX PYRAD Technology to satisfy an unmet request by electrical engineers for lightweight arc-rated foul weather protection. The existing PPE available met the health and safety standards required but was often uncomfortably heavy to wear, particularly once wet, bulky and restricted movement and took a long time to dry out after use in wet weather.

Trousers, salopettes and jackets made with GORE-TEX PYRAD Technology are up to 45% lighter than other options available. The multi-norm fabric technology successfully combines arc fault protection with the wearing comfort of conventional, lightweight yet durable textiles like polyester or polyamide. During tests for standard EN 61482-1-2 the laminate achieved a rating of 49 cal/cm². When the jacket was tested by AITEX, the textile research institute to determine its arc rating during an electric arc exposure test it achieved an ATPV (Arc Thermal Performance Value) of 53.4 cal/cm², the highest rating given for an arc-rated wet weather protective jacket and far exceeds the required arc rating of 30 cal/cm² required for Class 2 performance.

Last year GORE set up a several-month wearer trial with the DNO Energy Company SSE - Scottish and Southern Energy and their linesmen fed back positively about the jackets, trousers and salopettes they had worn in all weather conditions. Craig McKillop, a cable jointer and linesman based in Oban, Scotland commented: “The jacket feels about 50% lighter than most other safety jackets I’ve worn. It’s very comfortable, water runs off it and I can wear it for a long period of time.”

Currently 14 manufacturers of eight European countries have GORE-TEX weatherproof jacket with arc-rated GORE PYRAD fabric technology in their portfolio. Tweet us @TomorrowsHS GRIPHERO ANTI-STATIC HAND


GripHero is a new hand-protection dispenser that enables drivers to avoid contact with contaminants on fuel handles. It dispenses the world’s first anti-static, fully recyclable hand-protection solution, which sits on top of each and every fuel nozzle on the forecourt - putting an end to a lack of hand-protection experienced by four out of five drivers. Thanks to GripHero, drivers can retrieve and wear hand- protection without first coming into contact with fuel handles, which are typically 11,000 times dirtier than the average loo seat.

Unlike other forms of hand-protection, GripHero ensures that only one item is dispensed at a time, putting an end to wasteful clumps of gloves - common among conventional dispensers – that cause a lack of hand-protection for other customers, and unnecessary levels of plastic waste.

Oli Yeo, GripHero MD, commented: “GripHero has been created to put the health and wellbeing of the customer at the heart of the forecourt, both in the prevention of biological and chemical contamination from the nozzle, and the prevention of potential ignition caused by static from standard gloves in the refuelling zone.

“When you consider that, on average, each pump handle comes into contact with over 200 different hands in one week, each one getting dirtier than the last and passing on contamination, you soon realise how important it is to have a dispenser on every fuel nozzle, providing hand-protection whenever you fill-up.”

Launched in October 2018, over 500 forecourts have GripHero in the UK and Ireland. AWARDS 2019 13

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