The StairMate is affordable, portable and exceptionally easy to use. The small but powerful motor allows any sized attendant to transport goods or people, much heavier than them, safely up and down stairs.

Because it’s so easy to use, a wheelchair user can be transported quickly and without any embarrassment or awkwardness. The mechanism works on any straight stairs, with straight, U and L shaped landings which saves having to buy kit to fit specific staircases.

Another advantage of the StairMate is that by adding a customised ramp, we are able to cater for people who have adapted wheelchairs. This was the case when we were called to BT in Ireland.

P Moore, GradIOSH, said: “One of our employees has brittle bone disease and uses a customised wheelchair, our office is on the fifth floor. There was an existing evacuation chair in the building, but due to the condition, they were unable to use this, so colleagues would carry them down the stairs in an emergency. This was far from ideal; they were understandably concerned about using a standard evac chair especially because their wheelchair would be left in the building, leaving them immobile.

“Evaccess provided a solution, using the StairMate SA-S along with a customised ramp for their chair. They delivered full training to a group of volunteers who will act as buddies in an emergency evacuation. Evaccess provided a bespoke solution which meant that all our employees can safely evacuate in an emergency and retain their independence once evacuated.” Tweet us @TomorrowsHS


StaySafe is an easy to use app and monitoring service which provides personal protection for lone workers. The app monitors employee location in real time, enabling employees to check-in safely and request immediate assistance if necessary.

StaySafe utilises the best mobile technology to ensure lone workers can signal for help in any situation. Whether they suffer a fall and are unable to make a call, are confronted by an aggressive client or work in areas of low signal, StaySafe provides a solution.

How it works is simple. Lone workers activate a timed session on the StaySafe app before they begin working alone. If they miss a check- in, their session expires or they trigger any of StaySafe’s alerts, a notification will be sent to a monitor.

The monitor is then able to open the StaySafe Hub, view all of their lone workers’ locations on a map and access any notes left by staff when starting a session. The organisation’s standard response procedures can be viewed and followed from within the Hub, and the alert resolved.

The StaySafe app can also be paired with the V.BTTN, a small, versatile device which can be worn discreetly and used to check-in, send a panic alert or detect a fall.

Despite offering a wide range of functionality, StaySafe has been designed to be incredibly user friendly. So not only does it provide full protection for the lone worker, but it allows organisations to cut back on the time and costs associated with traditional, manual check-in systems.

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