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The Envirodri GEN4 Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine transforms carpet cleaning into an efficient, one-person method with zero downtime.

As businesses focus on sustainability, environmental impact, cost-in- use and performance, the Envirodri GEN4 ticks all the boxes, offering large or small facilities the ability to clean carpets and rugs to a professional standard with minimal disruption to daily activities.

The machine is also completely flexible, offering four cleaning systems in one: Encapsulation, Pre-spray Agitation, Carpet Pile Liſter, and Dry Carpet Cleaner, so whatever your requirement, the Envirodri GEN4 offers the flexibility and capacity to achieve superior results across a variety of carpet cleaning and maintenance methods.

The GEN4 was designed with dry carpet cleaning in mind, eliminating the drying time normally associated with carpet cleaning so it is ideal for use in high traffic walkways or areas that require a speedy turnaround. With no lengthy preparation or set-up required, the system enables operatives to carry out cleaning at all times of the day – so whether scheduling a deep clean, removing a spillage or simply freshening up an area, the GEN4 is suitable for any requirement.

The GEN4 Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine and associated products from Cleantec Innovation are suitable for use on both synthetic and natural fibres including wool, sisal and coir and the machine can safely operate on all floor types including raised access flooring.

This increasingly popular system is now leading the way in innovative, sustainable and cost-effective carpet care with its zero-drying time, lower operating costs and superior performance.

EveryOneCloud is a powerful yet simple cloud-based Attendance and Location Management portal from workforce management specialists hfx, providing cleaning contractors of all sizes with the convenience to track their workforce in real-time.

EveryOneCloud is compatible with over 80 data capture options, including fingerprint readers, face recognition readers, card and fob readers, hand scanners, mobile apps, QR codes or even telephony, empowering cleaning contractors to capture real-time attendance and presence data and automatic timesheets from anyone, anywhere.

Immediate access to an up to date roll call summary supports managers to account for the workforce at all times, and consistently meet Service Level Agreements.

Trigger alerts can be configured based on time, clockings or location to highlight unauthorised absences and lateness.

Nick Whiteley, CEO at hfx, said: “EveryOneCloud has been specifically developed with cleaning contractors in mind, who have a fundamental need to know where their people are, when they are at a specific location and when they haven’t turned up.

“By combining the reliability and robustness of modern data capture terminals with the power and versatility of the Cloud, EveryOneCloud makes attendance monitoring more affordable than ever before, enabling cleaning contractors to achieve immediate benefits and a rapid return on investment.”

Key features include a real time view of people, attendance and location, absence alerts, emergency muster reports, remote enrolment, automatic timesheet population, and integration with Payroll, Time & Attendance and Workforce Management systems. A Pay-As-You-Go system at a low-cost monthly fee, the solution can be set up in minutes. Tweet us @TomoCleaning AWARDS 2019 9

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