WASTE SACKS Vision Gelpack

Vision Gelpack, the UK manufacturer of polyethylene films, liners and sacks – formed following the acquisition of the assets of Gelpack Excelsior by Visionscape Group – produces high quality products in both virgin and recycled polymer grades.

With sacks in 5kg, 10kg, 12kg and 30kg design weights, the range includes yellow sacks for hazardous waste incineration and orange sacks for alternative treatment of infectious waste at a licensed/ permitted facility.

The 5kg and 10kg sacks are star-welded for improved seal strength, while the 30kg sacks are ADR/RID approved for the bulk transport of dangerous goods by road and rail.

The company also manufactures yellow bags with black stripes, commonly referred to as ‘Tiger’ sacks, for the collection and disposal of non-infectious or offensive waste by deep landfill, incineration or ‘Energy From Waste’ processing.

In 2018, Vision Gelpack’s Healthcare and Clinical Waste Sacks range was awarded UN accreditation, and the range is also perfect for janitorial, waste management and local authority use.

HEX 3D P-Wave

The P-Wave Hex 3D urinal screen is the ultimate deodorising and anti- splash solution for urinals.

Using their bestselling 1.5 urinal screen (the UK’s number one) as a benchmark, P-Wave has looked to innovate and improve the design even further with the Hex 3D: the result is the most fragrant, splash- eliminating urinal screen on the market.

If that wasn’t enough, P-Wave also identified that urinal screens are not always installed the correct way up – as a result, the Hex 3D was designed with the anti-splash bristles on both sides of the screen, allowing it to be installed ‘anyway up’ without losing the benefits.

Over-flowing urinals can oſten be a problem with slow-draining urinal screens, particularly in areas where lots of water is flushed into the urinal in a short space of time. P-Wave has looked to tackle this head-on with the very open honeycomb design of the Hex 3D, which drains rapidly whilst still trapping debris. With urinals coming in all shapes and sizes, the Hexagonal design of this product also makes it incredibly versatile in terms of fitment.

The P-Wave Hex 3D really is the most fragrant, simple and effective solution for tackling urinal odour and splashback all in one: it’s also available in six amazing fragrances. Tweet us @TomoCleaning AWARDS 2019 13

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