SATIN ELLIPSE Kennedy Hygiene Products

Kennedy Hygiene Products – manufacturer of the Ellipse range of dispensers – launched the new premium line Satin Ellipse in 2018. The fully integrated Ellipse range is designed with pure and straight lines, an undulating wave shape suggesting fluidity and movement, and distinctive elliptic inserts.

The washroom plays an important role in portraying the image of a business. Every part of the experience should enrich the visitor’s positive impression. Kennedy’s new range of satin chrome dispensers are the perfect choice for luxury washrooms, with their elegant design and superior functionality. Kennedy developed the Satin Ellipse line following the success of the premium ranges Ellipse Chrome and Ellipse Designer Grey.

Robust, timeless and luxurious, the Satin Ellipse range consists of hand washing – Savona liquid and foam soap dispensers; paper and cotton hand drying – Prima and Integra; toilet tissue – Jumbo and Maxima; air freshening – Airplus and Spa; sanitising – Seatsan; and feminine hygiene – Intima and Intima Mini units.

The new range covers all hygiene environments including business, healthcare and hospitality facilities, enabling business owners to offer their clients great experience. The dispensers are designed with the service specialist in mind, and are prized for high quality, elegance, ease of service and ultimate hygiene.

The satin chrome gives the dispensers stainless steel appearance and elegance. The durable lacquer finish eliminates visible fingerprints during use, resulting in simplified cleaning and maintenance, combined with modern product design. The satin dispensers are made with environmentally friendly consumables for luxury washrooms. Tweet us @TomoCleaning


The SkyVac Reach Pole is the very latest innovation in telescopic water-fed poles, designed especially for the modern window cleaner and the professional window cleaning industry.

The high quality, robust water-fed poles reach heights of up to 65ſt (six storeys), with unique, built-in features to enhance the work experience, SkyVac Reach increases productivity and reduces downtime.

The features include a quick release mechanism allowing the brush to be removed in seconds, a carbon fibre neck available in six to 26 inches to save valuable pure water, and a unique water shut off located on the butt end of the pole.

Paul Crosbie, Sales Manager and Trainer at Spinaclean, said: “Based on customer feedback, our innovation team are always working hard to improve our product range. We wanted a quality water-fed pole to complement our SkyVac range and to offer a one stop shop for all your external cleaning equipment requirements.

“With this at the forefront of our mind the new SkyVac Reach Pole could not just be another telescopic water-fed pole. With the built-in innovative features this will enhance the working experience, increase productivity and reduce downtime.” AWARDS 2019 23

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