380B TURBO Duplex

The Duplex 380B Turbo has been developed from the remarkably successful Duplex range of floor cleaning machines, and whilst our Duplex steam machines are unique in the market, the 380B is also unique in its own right; there is nothing else on the market that is battery operated, sweeps and scrubs all hard floors, dries with two different systems, and cleans and dries carpets.

Twin cylindrical brushes scrub down into the crevices of safety flooring and deep into the pile of carpets, effectively removing dust, grime and dirt. On smooth hard floors the combination of twin brush mechanical pick-up, vacuum and twin squeegees cleans effortlessly and ensures that surfaces are leſt perfectly dry in seconds.

Another important feature of the Duplex 380B Turbo are the variations available on the vacuum and water feed which both have two working settings. The vacuum can be reduced in power when cleaning a very smooth floor and when cleaning a rougher surface, like safety flooring, the vacuum can be used at full power to extract the maximum amount of water from the coarser surface. The water feed can also be used on two settings depending on the condition of the floor to be cleaned.

The machine has a quick release battery with a separate charger, which means that a second or even third battery and charger can be supplied for continuous cleaning.

All in all, these features make the 380B Turbo one of the most versatile battery floor cleaning machines on the market. 6 AWARDS 2019



The Ariel Professional Laundry System, from P&G Professional, contains deep cleaning technology which leaves nothing behind but Ariel’s impeccable ‘1 Wash Clean’.

There are three system options available to choose from, each designed with specific laundry needs in mind: Extra Soſt & Fresh – for the characteristic Ariel and Lenor experience that boosts guest experience and boosts guest satisfaction; White Max – for white linens that stay in-use for longer; and Special Conditions – for supporting processes and productivity in high-intensity operations.

Each system is installed for free, and the equipment is available on a no-cost loan, whilst the system is used with the recommended P&G Professional products.

All three system options are installed with a programme handset and wall-mounted pump to ensure the correct cycle and dose is delivered in every wash for optimal results.

Importantly, P&G Professional Service is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and available to support each business in the operation of their laundry system – including service visits, free training, resources and access to a Freephone Hotline.

A system expert will recommend the system option to best meet businesses’ key laundry goals. This includes a tailored wash program menu, and a corresponding selection of laundry detergent and additives. CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite...


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