TOUCAN ECO Robert Scott

Robert Scott’s Toucan Eco is an electrochemical activation (ECA) cleaning and sanitising system that offers an effective, money saving and environmentally-friendly alternative for chemical-free cleaning. Simply make your own solution.

As a chemical alternative, it’s not only fast-acting, it is also non-harmful with a pH of 8.2 and 8.7. It’s ideal for multi-surface application, works extremely well with microfibre and can be used to wipe, rinse, spray and mop.

Independent research proves it is highly effective against all types of bacteria, viruses, cysts, protozoa, algae and spores, eliminating all forms of microorganisms in water supplies, on surfaces, fabrics and materials. The solution kills up to 99.999% of microorganisms, including pathogens, with a very fast contact time and virtually no regrowth.

The solution is great for use in busy environments which demand a quick, effective cleaning regime such as schools, offices, hotels, restaurants and clinics. It’s especially useful to support green credentials as it not only disinfects amazingly well but is also a healthy, safe and green way of keeping surfaces clean and germ free while reducing the use of harsh chemicals and plastic waste produced by product packaging.

As well as its benefits to the environment, the Toucan Eco range is designed to be cost-effective for your business. While it does require a certain amount of capital expenditure upfront, once installed the only consumables needed to generate unlimited quantities of the solution are salt, water and minimum electricity. 28 AWARDS 2019 CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite...


Ophardt’s the untouchable range of multifunctional sensor faucets are an award-winning example of hygiene technology, which allows for the touchless dispensing of water, soap and disinfectant from a single unit in order to efficiently minimise cross-contamination and promote the highest possible standard in hygiene.

The elegant infrared interface is based on a simple concept: select above, receive under. By swiping above the untouchable, the faucet cycles through the available liquids. When the desired liquid has been selected, place your hands under the faucet and the liquid is dispensed. It also helps users significantly reduce water consumption.

Depending on the specific application or combination of functions, the untouchable is perfect for use in a variety of settings such as healthcare, kitchens, offices, public washrooms, and industry, and is also available with a hygiene flush.

Ophardt hygiene’s renowned Anti-Fingerprint Coating (AFP) can be applied to the stainless steel 316 faucet body of the untouchable. When coated in AFP, the faucet maintains its clean, elegant look despite accidental contact. The reduction in visible fingerprints significantly reduces clean time and maintenance.


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