The Makita HW pressure washer range have a host of features developed to enhance performance, reliability and ease of service. At the heart of most models is the aluminium pump head and motor body and the INOX composite material used for the pump piston. Many Makita models feature reliable wobble plate pump action which delivers a constant pressure even if water in-flow rates fluctuate.

The HW1200 has a regular operating pressure of 100 bar with a maximum pressure capacity of 120 bar, and a maximum delivery rate of 420 litres per hour. It is powered by a series motor for performance and reliability, and supplied with a 10m delivery hose and pressure adjustable spray lance.

It also features a self-priming pump operation, meaning it can be used with water supplied from a tank, or water butt, simply by immersing a self-suction supply hose (supplied separately) into the water source. The traditional mains water hose supply connection is conveniently located at the front of the washer. This lightweight washer is quiet in operation, double insulated for safety, comes complete with a 5m power cord and can be used with water at up to 40°C.

Makita pressure washers feature an external easy-clean inlet filter that can be simply unscrewed from the body of the washer, rinsed out, cleaned under the tap and refitted quickly to ensure high-pressure performance washing. A comprehensive range of complementary accessories is available to extend the use of these reliable high- pressure washers. Tweet us @TomoCleaning


Whereas some products designed for short-term use may be regarded as throwaway and lacking in environmentally friendly credentials, Chicopee – a brand of Berry Global – has produced the ultimate ‘green’ cleaning cloth.

Unlike traditional cloths, which require both laundering and the use of water and/or chemicals to achieve an effective clean, the market- leading J-Cloth Plus Biodegradable is the perfect choice to complete a ‘green’ cleaning routine. It is the first compostable, biodegradable, and Food Service Contact Clearance approved cloth in the market that provides an efficient clean and reduces time and costs.

Its unique, open, wavy texture enables efficient pick-up of any dirt and makes it easy to rinse, ensuring longer freshness. In addition, this cleaning wipe is both compostable and biodegradable in accordance with the DIN EN 13432 200-12 standard.

Aſter use, the J-Cloth Plus Biodegradable can be simply rinsed, then placed into the food waste bin, ready for collection with recycling. This reduces landfill costs, with the wipe breaking down naturally into compost.

Chicopee is a leading brand of specialty cleaning wipes and materials for the professional market. With over 40 years’ experience delivering solutions to foodservice, building care, medical, automotive and industrial markets, Chicopee wipes provide a practical and highly- effective way of ensuring a clean environment. AWARDS 2019 15

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