Time is money in the cleaning sector – so any system that cuts down cleaners’ time spent refilling dispensers by 20% is bound to be a real attention-grabber.

Tork EasyCube is capable of achieving such savings while also producing a 24% reduction in the number of cleaning rounds required by an average facility.

Essity has carried out studies at customers’ premises to calculate the measurable impact of Tork EasyCube, which is a facility management soſtware tool for data-driven cleaning. These calculations have involved detailed research including 10 real case studies from customers. Aggregated data and results from current end-users show that at least 20% of cleaners’ work hours can be redeployed while cleaning rounds can be cut by 24% when Tork EasyCube is implemented.

The results also reveal that customer satisfaction may be boosted by 30% with Tork EasyCube, while washroom dispensers will remain fully stocked 99% of the time.

Tork EasyCube is gaining an increasing amount of attention as facilities managers around the world learn how the system can improve efficiency and cut costs. The soſtware provides cleaners with real-time information on cleaning needs and refill levels by means of sensors placed in dispensers and washrooms.

The system is currently in place in more than 100 facilities worldwide including shopping centres, airport terminals, leisure complexes, office buildings and amusement parks.

Essity has launched a Tork Impact Calculator to help customers assess the benefits that EasyCube can bring, which can be accessed on the website below. Tweet us @TomoCleaning

TOTAL 360 SYSTEM The Clorox Company

The revolutionary Clorox Total 360 System is an Electrostatic Sprayer paired with Clorox-trusted disinfecting solutions. It provides superior coverage through proven electrostatic technology and delivers Clorox disinfectants and sanitisers onto hard-to-reach surfaces.

First an electrode introduces an attractive charge and atomizes the solution, the particles are then both attracted to, and uniformly coat, the surface. As the charged particles are attracted to surfaces outside line of sight the solution reaches, wraps around and uniformly coats each surface, delivering Clorox Disinfectant Cleaner to the side, underside and backside of surfaces and killing 99.9% of bacteria including cold (Rhinovirus) and Flu viruses, MRSA, Norovirus, Salmonella and E. Coli in two minutes or less.

The Clorox Total 360 System helps keep your facility healthier while also saving you time, money and labour by working up to four times faster than traditional disinfection methods. Capable of covering up to 18,000sq ſt per hour, the Clorox Total 360 System uses up to 65% less solution when compared to a trigger spray.

The Clorox Total 360 Electrostatic Sprayer, when used in conjunction with either the Clorox Total 360 Disinfectant Cleaner or the food- safe Clorox Anywhere Hand Surface Sanitizing Spray, will give you a healthier facility.

Backed by a one-year warranty and national coverage for servicing, the Clorox Total 360 System has the infrastructure to support the technology. AWARDS 2019 27

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