EVOCLEAN Hydro Systems Europe

The world’s first venturi-based, water-powered laundry dispenser, the EvoClean, encompasses Hydro Systems’ ethos to make life easier for commercial laundry customers and positively impact their operations.

Adaptable and versatile, the EvoClean’s innovative venturi technology guarantees unparalleled accuracy for multiple products – the system comes in four, six and eight product configurations with either low or high flow rate. The right amount of chemicals are dispensed consistently and optimal performance is delivered to achieve the highest wash standards with minimal rewash.

EvoClean eliminates routine maintenance associated with peristaltic systems – eradicating concerns over deteriorating performance from worn tubes. It has fewer moving parts, and contains an integrated flush manifold and a low-level alarm.

Chemical dispensing technologies directly impact running costs. The EvoClean monitors trends over time. Its in-built technology includes Automated Formula Select (AFS) control, which drastically simplifies formula selection while minimising operator errors. The EvoClean’s reporting measures how much each wash costs – as well as the overall cost – for total transparency and control. The soſtware also monitors events, alarms and disturbances, to offer complete security.

The EvoClean has been designed to minimise the installation time, so that chemical companies can quickly start-up with minimal service labour. The EvoClean is compact and weighs 60% less than competing systems. Further, it comes pre-wired from the factory, meaning there is minimal electrical work to do on-site. All this means that installation of an EvoClean takes about half the time of a traditional laundry dispensing system. 10 AWARDS 2019


Welsh biosciences company Genesis Biosciences created the Evogen Professional cleaning range to meet its client needs: combining selected bacteria strains for the target application areas with advanced environmentally responsible chemistry.

As beneficial bacteria replicate in the application area, they degrade the organic soiling on the surface, competing with any harmful bacteria present for available growth nutrients. Through this mechanism, studies have shown the level of harmful bacterial populations can be reduced naturally by means of the competitive exclusion principle.

This ensures the Evogen products range delivers unprecedented levels of cleaning efficacy in comparison with current market products, reducing malodour without having any negative impact on the surrounding environment where it is applied, and that it is safer for the general public. The frequency of cleaning required and labour costs of reapplication are therefore significantly reduced.

Emma Saunders, European General Manager at Genesis Biosciences, said: “Evogen Professional has been created with our Eco-Benign technology to deliver superior, documented, scientifically validated and verified results for cleaning contractors, while being safe for the user and the environment; and the range is appropriately suited for effective use on non-critical surfaces in a healthcare setting.

“By offering an environmentally responsible and sustainable market alternative, we believe we can help reduce costs, while also protecting the environment as well as patients and employees.”

A global leader in beneficial bacteria fermentation, Genesis Biosciences is the first company to develop, manufacture and offer both microbial and antimicrobial products for the Facilities Management, I&I, WWT and Marine industries. CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite...


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