Industrial workers are faced with many challenging environments, oſten exposed to dirt and contamination on a daily basis. These conditions have led to frequent hand washing, with many workers using soaps that are too mild or too harsh for their skin.

Aſter undergoing significant testing and focus groups with workers, Deb has created a range of high-performance foam hand cleaners that deliver exactly what is required – a powerful clean whilst caring for the skin.

An innovation in foam soap technology, Deb’s Power Foams offer a solution for all industrial environments, from warehousing and logistics to heavy manufacturing.

With up to twice the cleaning performance as traditional washroom soaps and hand cleaners, Estesol FX and Solopol GFX have been created to offer the optimum skin care for workers.

Estesol FX has been specially formulated to offer a unique foam hand cleaner for those lighter industrial environments where a solution has previously been compromised. It effortlessly tackles general dirt, grime, oil and grease, and in tests, 73% agreed that FX leſt hands feeling conditioned aſter use.

Solopol GFX was designed for heavy duty cleaning and is suitable for roles where workers’ hands are exposed to oils, grease, carbon black and lubricants. In TEWL tests, 87% of workers prefer GFX to their existing hand cleanser, while 78% of users agreed that GFX leaves hands feeling smooth and cared for aſter use. 20 AWARDS 2019 CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite...

POWERMATE 1200 Prochem Europe

Cleaning accessories and attachments from Prochem Europe have been expanded with the introduction of the Powermate 1200 extraction power wand – and feedback from the marketplace has been unequivocal.

Domestic cleaners report that it makes cleaning house carpets quicker; contractors like the way it breaks down more soil than basic wanding would and improves productivity; housekeeping teams appreciate its light weight and ease of use around beds, desks and other hard-to-reach areas.

With self-levelling cylindrical 2500rpm brush, 12” high-impact vacuum head and 25ſt power cable, this unit does away with back strain from constant wand passes and scrubbing, while tripling cleaning times.

Attachable to any extraction cleaning machine, the Powermate sprays solution while the 1/12hp electric motor powers a mechanical Tynex roller brush that agitates and breaks down heavy soiling, with waste sucked back into the machine’s tank (a see-through front plate even enables you to watch the soiled water being extracted).

Heavily-soiled traffic lane carpet in commercial environments pre- treated with a suitable prespray can benefit enormously from the Powermate. Leave the soiled area for up to five minutes, turn on and run the extraction pass using a carpet rinse detergent.

Whether your business is commercial contract cleaning, domestic/ residential cleaning or housekeeping, the Powermate 1200 is set to make life easier.


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