T RANGE Cromwell Polythene

Cromwell Polythene are proud to be an independent, family- run business, committed to supply products for the capture and containment of waste and recyclables.

t environmentally friendly refuse sacks are lightweight

products that use less material but achieve the same high performance standards. Put simply, less plastic is used to achieve the same (or better) result.

The lightweight nature also means less energy used in production, and fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the production cycle and distribution chain. The products come packaged in smaller cartons too, which means they take up less space, making transport and storage more efficient. The LowCO2

t range is cost effective too.

Lightweight plastic products, including bin liners, make a huge difference to the effectiveness of the cleaning industry. Responsibly produced plastic packaging can have a high recycled content (up to 100%) and may also be recycled themselves. Where recycling is not practical, the calorific value can be recovered to generate electricity or heat at the end of their useful life, through energy from waste (EfW) plants.

With a growing demand for resource efficient use of plastic, LowCO2

offers the cleaning sector a more environmentally responsible alternative to some of the heavier, bulkier products in the marketplace.

It is our mission to be the most resourceful company in plastics, supplying products that help make the world cleaner, greener, and more economical. Tweet us @TomoCleaning t

MYRIAD RANGE Brightwell Dispensers

Brightwell Dispensers has launched Myriad, their new versatile soap and paper dispenser range. The range gives customers a multitude of branding and design options: each dispenser has a sleek, stylish design and allows customers to tailor the design and branding to their own business requirements.

My style. My range. My brand.

The unique Myriad range offers adaptable dispensers that allow businesses to brand the range according to their company style. Businesses also have the option to distribute the dispensers under their own company’s name thanks to Brightwell Dispensers internal branding facility. Own-labelling options, a choice of window colours and designs, customisable front covers and finishes suiting any business requirements are also available (MOQ’s apply).

The benefits of the high quality Myriad soap and paper dispenser range include versatile, high-quality dispensers with a variety of design and branding options, a modern, sleek and stylish look that adapts beautifully to any environment.

The Myriad range includes a 900ml soap dispenser (with options to mix and match pumps and soap containers), a hand towel dispenser that fits a wide range of hand towels, a practical centrefeed hand towel dispenser designed to fit perforated and non-perforated centrefeed rolls alike, an autocut hand towel dispenser, a mini jumbo toilet roll dispenser for busy washrooms, and a strong, durable Myriad waste bin suitable for any environment. There is also a Myriad MultiFlex soap dispenser, designed for environments that require the highest level in hygiene. AWARDS 2019 17

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