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Leaks in public spaces create significant health and safety risks through slips, trips and falls – and the associated cost of liability claims.

Over 10,000 employees suffered a major injury as a result of a slip or a trip at work in 2008/9 (public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0), while every day the UK insurance industry pays out £3.3m in general liability claims (ABI, 2006).

Traditionally, such leaks have been managed by placing a caution sign, buckets and absorbent pads around the hazard – as well as looking untidy, this still presents a serious hazard and requires regular monitoring.

Therefore, we created SlipStop.

SlipStop is a device that defines a hazardous area and mitigates the slip hazard, providing a safer environment to visitors, staff and the organisation.

SlipStop acts as a hazard control, collecting water efficiently and out of sight while keeping visitors safe. The wide funnel design effectively collects leaks and can be used in conjunction with another SlipStop to increase coverage further.

Handling the SlipStop is efficient, as it’s simple to both fold away and assemble, and consolidates the need for signage and equipment. It effectively combines its contemporary appearance with high visibility, further improving visitor safety and maximising your professional image.

Speaking about SlipStop, Peter Coates, Divisional Director of ABM, said it: “…provided us with a real solution to our problem, something which no other company has been able to offer.” 24 AWARDS 2019 CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite...


It has never been easier to save more than 30% of the time you spend administering your cleaners and to remove paper and spreadsheets from your operation.

Our innovative employee scheduling, time and attendance and workforce management solution SmartTask is helping domestic and commercial cleaning providers across the UK improve their customer experience and win more business, through better planning and management, enhanced communications and increased transparency. It can help you deliver a superlative and reliable service.

SmartTask is a single system that can plan, coordinate and report on your business including proof of attendance, payroll and invoice resolution, health and safety, risk assessments, inspections, audits, contract and certificate management.

Smart auto-rostering streamlines the planning scheduling processes, significantly reducing the time and cost required. Automated alerts are triggered when scheduled work is missed so corrective action can be taken, with proof of attendance providing complete visibility of how client contracts are being serviced.

Scott Hudson, Operations Director at Stadium Support Services, said: “Having tested a number of systems in the marketplace, we found SmartTask to offer the centralised visibility and control we required. With 1600 exhibitors and 200 areas to clean, a major concern is missing something and with SmartTask we don’t, it’s become a key element of our best practice cleaning processes.”

The MySmartTask app enables companies to securely communicate rosters and engage with their remotely-based staff through their smartphones, while streamlining back office admin procedures. It allows cleaners to quickly view their latest rosters and confirm availability for work.


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