Ezitracker is a flexible and powerful platform that can be quickly deployed, allowing you to effectively manage your FM workforce.

Employee lifecycle can be measured, as real-time, field-based onboarding starts as your employee is welcomed and key departments are alerted of a new recruit.

You can manage workforces by geographical availability, personal availability and site/contract-based skill sets, whilst reducing absence and enabling work/life balance.

Using SMS/email alerts, Ezitracker proactively reminds your staff of upcoming shiſts or hourly check calls, whilst also receiving alerts for lateness, no-shows, early departure or loan-worker health and safety.

Irrespective of environment, we can provide a cost-effective method of data capture from conventional landline, SIM phones, Mobile App, SMS text, biometrics or self-service tablets.

Simplify back office administration with automatic schedule approvals allowing managers and payroll to manage by exception with hierarchical views and approval workflows.

Standard reporting is powerful, the analytics platform provides advanced reporting, bespoke reporting and dashboards, providing clear KPI metrics, which allow you to make informed decisions.

Workforce management isn’t just ensuring and validating attendance, it’s about ensuring quality service delivery. Onsite auditing provides activity-based auditing ensuring contract KPI’s are being met and penalties minimised.

Ezitracker has a myriad of successful integration partners some using our solution with others using our Real-Time interface to present collated data in third part solutions or dashboards. Tweet us @TomoCleaning

GOJO SMARTLINK GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd

Until now, washroom maintenance has relied on staff physically checking stock levels and replenishing. This system inevitably leads to dispensers running empty, or the opposite – being refilled when the previous stock is only half used, rather than risk running out. A huge waste of previous resources and money.

These problems can now be prevented thanks to innovative technological solutions, and ‘smart washrooms’ are becoming an increasingly popular way to manage washroom maintenance. GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd has harnessed this revolutionary technology to create GOJO SMARTLINK Service Alerts System. This new Smart App is a preventative maintenance system that continuously monitors hand hygiene dispensers and provides predictive analytics that can enable improvements.

The secure soſtware web portal, which includes data on dispenser usage, estimated refill replacement dates, alarm status and history, allows users to customise alerts and alarms. The dispenser data, combined with washroom activity data, provides insights on when and where to service, and how quickly service staff respond to alarms – ultimately, reducing customer complaints too.

This new smart washroom maintenance system eliminates the need to rely on the judgement of housekeepers or cleaning operatives. It gives the manager the control to effectively plan stock replacement, staffing allocations and training requirements, all from their phone or tablet. Using this system, smart washrooms are clean and hygienic washrooms.

The GOJO SMARTLINK Service Alerts System app is available from the Apple App store and Google Play store. AWARDS 2019 11

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