STG450 The Preparation Group

The most versatile machine available, the STG450 does it all. By interchanging a huge array of accessories, from metal drive plates to diamond cleaning pads, it prepares, removes, polishes and cleans almost any surface.

The STG450 is designed for tough jobs including sanding wood, smoothing concrete and terrazzo, removing old adhesives, paint, floor wax, ground-in dirt and scuff marks, through to the precise stages of polishing hard floors and their ongoing floorcare. With the correct attachments it renews, deep cleans and shines resin, terrazzo, marble, natural stone, wood, concrete, vinyl and more.

Adapting the STG450 for multi-functional use is easy. A quick click and twist action, or simply place a pad under the machine and it is ready to go – no tools needed. This makes it ideal for undertaking different floor refurbishment operations in a restricted timetable. Attachments include: Heavy Duty Drive Plates, PCD Plates, Copper Discs, Black Sanding Discs, Scrubbing Pads, Nylon Brushes, Mesh Discs, specialist Surface Finishing Diamond Pads and Storm Diamond Cleaning Pads.

The STG450 is operated by a simple lever, with no complicated switches and a dust skirt minimises pollution when fitted to a vacuum unit. It can also be used wet with an optional water tank, for eco- friendly polishing of hard surfaces to a high gloss finish. It presents a low-cost option with virtually no maintenance, combined with high levels of productivity. Available in 110v, 230v or 415v options to suit all industries and for sale or hire, it is easy to transport and store.

The TASKI AERO tub vacuum cleaner from Diversey is believed to be the quietest and most energy-efficient machine currently available on the professional cleaning market.

The four models in the range produce only 53dB(A) of sound and utilise just 585W of electrical power in standard mode, yet produce as much cleaning suction as machines rated at 1000W or more. In ‘eco’ mode they produce just 50dB(A) and consume a mere 295W.

Available in eight and 15 litre tank capacity models, both with mid-class and performance versions, the range meets demand for vacuums that comply with the stringent sound and energy limits specified in EU Regulations EU665/2013 and EU666/2013, in force since September 2017.

The TASKI AERO vacuum’s revolutionary design ensures the maximum amount of air is used to create the all-important suction at the cleaning head. By redesigning the machine’s internal airways, TASKI engineers eliminated the obstructions, constrictions and potential points of leakage that reduce efficiency and produce unnecessary noise. Adding newly-designed components and an ultra-efficient electric motor further boosted efficiency and cut noise. This combination of patented designs and components is called ‘whisper technology’.

Trials have shown TASKI AERO vacuums in typical professional settings will consume around £30 less electricity a year than conventional machines. This means a TASKI AERO can pay for itself in less than three years – representing the most competitive total cost of ownership package available.

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