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N-CAP Traffik

The cleaning market has had lots of chemicals and machines but until now has been missing a defined, simple carpet cleaning system that delivers ease of use and ‘consistent’ high standards each and every day.

Traffik UK Limited, in partnership with Progenta (Netherlands), have launched a carpet cleaning system based on two machines, one chemical and/or modified water that will deliver consistently excellent results in domestic and commercial environments. Traffik and Progenta have built the system on a combined experience in the industry of over 60 years as contractors and partners with some of the world’s leading carpet manufacturers and service providers.

Based on the Oztek floor machine/Oztek Stepclean, Whittaker Trio, Crystal Dry encapsulation chemical and Toucan ECA, N-CAP delivers a simple system designed for ease of use and operation. No problems with chemical dilution rates, water temperature or wet carpets. N-CAP is an ultra low moisture system that dries in minutes, one that crystallizes leaving no sticky residue and that is easily vacuumed.

N-CAP is available as a system for contractors or in-house use by clients. For in-house use we suggest a combination of machine and chemical based on carpet type, frequency of clean and how your in- house team work. In addition, Traffik can offer N-CAP as a service to clients from full restoration to periodic maintenance.

Traffik are exclusive suppliers of this system in the UK and would be delighted to discuss how your business can benefit from N-CAP Professional. 18 AWARDS 2019 CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite...

Northwood’s new North Shore range of dispensers includes the all-new Orbit toilet tissue dispenser, with its four-roll capacity and carousel mechanism.

Designed for high traffic washrooms, its amazing capacity holds an astonishing 5,000 sheets per roll, delivers highly efficient cost-in-use values by reducing the number of maintenance inspections, as well as having a striking visual appeal. For smaller venues, there is the side- by-side dispenser whose compact design and viewing window is, like the Orbit, available in (appropriately) Ocean Blue, as well as Midnight Black and Ice White.

Hand towel dispensers include a Micro Folded Towel, a mechanical hands-free and a fully automatic Hybrid dispenser.

Those quality systems can be teamed with the Impressions range of toilet tissue, roll towels and hand towels which feature strong performance with an all-round feel of luxury that enhances any washroom.

The final element in the new range are the soap dispensers which, like the recycled paper products, carries the hard-earned EU Ecolabel Certificate.

North Shore dispensers also incorporate the Northwood lock out system which is widely regarded within the industry as being one of the very best available. To help support the launch, Northwood has instigated its own North Shore Training Academy.

Distributors are invited to send selected staff members to attend the course which covers market sector analysis, product demonstrations, environmental factors and of course, detailed explanations of how the range has been designed to compete in the marketplace to gain maximum customer confidence and acceptance.


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