Kaivac, developer of the No-Touch Cleaning systems, introduced its innovative OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning systems in 2012. So, what is the system all about?

The foundation for the OmniFlex system is a trolley bucket that automatically dispenses fresh cleaning solution directly to floors. From here, components can be added, like the AutoVac just mentioned, as well as the SUV. These floor machines have been tested and proven to be as effective – if not more – than an automatic scrubber, but at a fraction of the cost.

Other components of the OmniFlex include the dispense-and-vac, spray-and-squeegee, and spray-and-vac cleaning systems. These are all designed to give users a variety of quick, effective, and healthier ways to clean just about any floor, wall, or surface.

We cannot underestimate the importance of healthier cleaning: the OmniFlex has been designed to eliminate the use of mops, which can spread contaminants. That’s what healthier cleaning is all about.

The systems were deemed so ‘unique, new, and useful’ that Kaivac was awarded a patent from the U.S. Patent Office soon aſter introduction. The system was also honoured as one of the Kitchen Innovations Award recipients in 2012, presented by the National Restaurant Association. The AutoVac, one of the OmniFlex components, also won the ISSA Innovation Award for 2016.

This was because the OmniFlex allows users to customise a complete, cost-effective cleaning system to meet a variety of needs for virtually any cleaning task. Further, more multipurpose platforms are on the way.

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RD Industries is a leader in innovative, high-quality closed loop chemical containment and dispensing solutions. The Portable Dispensing Unit (PDU) is a versatile and convenient dispensing system that is an economical addition to your closed loop chemical dilution system anywhere water is available.

The PDU is connected to a container of concentrated chemical installed with an RD Industries insert, creating the closed loop system. The PDU is available in various flow rates, and numerous material options to accommodate a variety of chemical offerings. It can be used in a variety of locations and applications such as restroom, floor cleaning, food and beverage applications, hospitality, supermarkets, agriculture, industrial cleaning and, when connected with your specific chemical, it will meet all your sanitising and disinfecting needs.

The RD Industries PDU stands the test of time and are manufactured with state-of-the-art materials designed to withstand almost any chemicals. They have a durable design, which reduces waste and is environmentally friendly. The system can be rapidly deployed and requires minimal training time, encouraging easier adoption and faster implementation. The trigger, collar, bucket clip, and shroud can be custom-coloured to match your company brand, and many of these parts can be customised with your logo.

RD Industries has transformed closed loop technology to meet organisations’ ever-changing needs to contain and dispense chemicals safely. Our world-class innovation and engineering teams are continually working to develop emerging technology solutions in containment and dispensing solutions and are focused on our goal of making every container safe.

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