Cover Story

Precision Textiles Meets The Demand For Safer, More Sustainable Flame Retardant Components

By Gretchen Kast

So, what is the FR layer made out of? If you don’t know the answer to that question, you probably should. Today’s consumers are more interested than ever before in seeing and understanding what goes into the products they buy. Is it safe? Is it sustainable? Can we trust it to work as it says it will? There are many different components that make up the construction of a mattress—and Precision Textiles wants to make sure you are prepared to answer questions about the flame retardant layer when honing your sales pitch. Experts in the category, the company diligently ensures that all of its customers’ beds are meeting the highest possible safety standards—no matter the mattress type.


ather than simply meeting bare min- imum requirements, Precision Tex- tiles takes a proactive approach. The company stays one step ahead of the latest industry trends and demands, developing new products and designs that will help both manufacturers and retailers connect with today’s increasingly discerning shop- pers. As the consumer interest in health and safety continues to grow, Precision Tex- tiles is an asset for any company looking to meet the ever-changing expectations. Now, with an array of glass-free and eco-friendly FR options—alongside a wider portfolio of non-woven and sleep accessory products— Precision Textiles is making sure that retail- ers are prepared to address any concern, question or demand when it comes to the mattresses on their showroom floor. For nearly 35 years, Precision Textiles has been one of the leading suppliers of coated fabrics, nonwovens and laminates for a va- riety of industries—including automotive and health care, in addition to home furnishings

and mattresses—but its roots were initially established in the apparel category. Found- ed in 1987, the company quickly grew to become the largest domestic manufacturer of apparel interlinings. When apparel manu- facturing moved predominantly to Asia, Pre- cision Textiles followed its customer base, eventually opening more than 20 offices and several manufacturing locations in the area. Working in the fast-paced world of fashion helped establish a company culture that still prevails today—one that prioritizes creative design and ongoing innovation. It is with that same strategic approach that Precision Tex- tiles has been able to continually push the boundaries in the sleep products categories. Today, Precision Textiles owns and oper- ates a 250,000-square-foot headquarters in Totowa, New Jersey, where it manufactures all of its products. With five warehouses stra- tegically located throughout the US and in Asia, the company is able to source, develop and deliver its wide range of products from anywhere in the world. Positioning itself as a

one-stop-shop for its customers, it also pro- duces a range of bedding accessories under its SlumberShield division—such as mattress protectors, sheets, blankets and pillows—in addition to its component business. But Precision Textiles’ true expertise is in

the FR category, where it has made itself an asset to its customers’ quality programs by consistently pushing the boundaries of design and performance. While the FR layer may not be the first thing you think of when evaluating a mattress, it plays a key role in the form and function of the bed. Every mattress is required by law to meet a set of regulatory standards when it comes to FR, both on a federal and state level—but Precision Textiles goes above and beyond to make sure that the bedding brands are truly delivering the safest product possible.

“Our customers today depend on us to make sure they’re

building their mattress

correctly from an FR perspective to address flammability requirements,” says Scott Tesser, chief executive officer of Precision Textiles. 9

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