IQFit and EcoFlex glass-free barriers. Avail- able as both a mattress sock and a wide-width format that is laminated to the mattress tick- ing, the IQFit Glass-Free barriers are made with cellulosic fiber, which provides the max- imum FR protection at a high char strength without the inclusion of fiberglass or chem- ical finishes. In addition to being glass-free, this product is also certified for low chemi- cal emissions under UL’s GREENGUARD Gold standard and just recently received OEKO-Tex certification as well—adding yet another layer to its health and safety assur- ance. Additionally, Precision Textiles also of- fers its patented EcoFlex product: a non-wo- ven, stretch-recovery, glass-free solution that is predominately laminated to fabrics.

Connecting With Today’s More Engaged Consumer

Not only do these glass-free products serve as a safer FR solution, they also meet a growing trend among consumers who are more inter- ested in how their sleep products are made. In fact, Precision Textiles encountered this burgeoning interest first-hand when—follow- ing an initial round of promotion for its glass- free FR solutions—it began receiving calls from consumers looking to buy those prod- ucts directly. While that type of distribution is not something the component supplier is currently in the position to entertain, it did re- inforce just how valuable this kind of solution is in today’s market. “We’re actually starting to see the con- sumer question what is going into their mat- tress. For us, that’s a great sign,” says Tesser. “Awareness is the biggest issue for us and if the consumer is aware, then the retailer and the manufacturer certainly need to pay atten- tion to that. So we think the glass-free trend is going to grow fairly quickly.”

In some ways, the added attention of what goes into the mattress is an exten- sion of consumers’ ever-growing interest in sustainability. Across the board, shoppers are devoting more attention than ever be- fore on researching products before they buy—and, increasingly, they are looking to invest in brands that commit to sustainabil- ity. According to Forrester, today’s consum- ers are actively scouting out information on everything from company values to manu-

facturing and supply chain practices when they shop. That research found that “68% of highly empowered consumers plan to step up their efforts to identify brands that reduce environmental impact,” and “61% seek out energy-efficient labels when mak- ing purchases.” These shifting consumer sentiments are reflected

across Precision Textiles’ entire

product portfolio as well. The company’s IQFit Natural FR barrier is not only glass-free and certified low in VOC emissions—it is also made with renewable, hypoallergenic cotton that will eventually biodegrade when com- posted. Additionally, it is free of both para-ar- amid and antimony (two fire resistant chemi- cals that can also cause respiratory and skin irritation)—making it the ideal finishing touch to an all-natural sleep system.

Not limited to just all-foam and bed-in-a-

box makers, Precision Textiles also makes these innovative FR solutions available in more traditional quilted forms as well. For those mattress models, the company offers its ECOLOFT and Vertically Lapped Densi- fied Eco-Pad products, which are made from recycled and regenerated polyesters. Not only can these products seamlessly displace some of the foam allocations in the layers be- low the quilted panel—but, in doing so, they also make the bed more eco-friendly. And as VP Keith Martin sees it, these prod- ucts are opportunities for manufacturers to turn lemons into lemonade when it comes to supply chain disruptions. “The demand for our polyester-based products for quilting purpos- es has shot up because more and more of our customers just haven’t been able to get enough quilting foam—and also the prices have gone through the roof,” he explains. “If marketed correctly, they can promote a lot more in terms of sustainability. Some of the mattress manufacturers have really latched onto that and there are some great stories that are going to come out of this.”

A Consistent & Reliable Production Strategy In many ways, Precision Textiles has set it- self apart through this ability to provide its customers with a sense of both consistency and opportunity throughout the pandemic. At a time when many manufacturers were struggling with supply chain issues and ful-

fillment delays, the company was delivering its products on-time—thanks to strategic sourcing and five fully stocked warehouses throughout the US. “The issues with freight from overseas

and certain chemical [shortages] have really wreaked havoc on everybody, but our respon- sibility to our customers is to have the prod- uct that they need in stock. So each location is now stocked with more product than we’ve ever had,” Tesser explains. “It’s just a decision that we made here that we wanted to do our best to make sure that there was no disrup- tion in supply. To date, it’s worked out—our customers haven’t had any disruption in sup- ply from us.”

In order to keep up with its own innova-

tion, Precision Textiles scours the globe for sourcing—bringing the best nonwoven, yarn, knitting and weaving technologies back to New Jersey to incorporate into its products and solutions. The company also has man- ufacturing locations across Asia, so that it can deliver its products for its customers that produce their mattresses abroad as well. This approach ensures a level of con- sistency that underpins the Precision Tex- tiles brand. No matter where the mattress is being made, manufacturers and retailers can be confident that the Precision Textiles components will meet the same standards of quality and performance. As Precision Textiles continues to grow,

the need for more regional manufacturing has only become more apparent. But rather than adding capacity to its New Jersey head- quarters, the company has plans to bring new production facilities to North Carolina and Arizona—which Tesser says will be “the best move to continually provide our customers with the best services.”

As today’s consumers actively seek out more information and transparency from the brands they buy, the right components sup- pliers can be the key to building a more suc- cessful sales strategy. Precision Textiles de- livers more than just the necessary mattress safety standards—it goes above and beyond to provide retailers with meaningful selling points and shoppers with the added reassur- ance that the mattress they are buying is truly safe, secure and sustainable. Visit 11

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