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Powering Better Sleep Through Voice Command Capabilities

By Elaina Hundley In the past, technology often boasted all the things consumers could accomplish with “just a touch of a button.” With the rise of technologies like Siri, Alexa and Google Home, consumers now crave the ability to simply say the word and have their will be done. Using voice commands to prepare a sleeping space for bedtime not only delivers a clear cool factor to any product, it’s also convenient, often reinforcing a healthy sleep routine as well as making getting ready for bed easier for disabled and aging populations. A variety of sleep products, primarily adjustable bases, now incorporate voice commands in different ways— whether it be Siri connectivity, Smart Home Integrations or app- based voice command options.

We’ve rounded up a handful of products and companies that are moving their technologies into the future with voice command capabilities.

18 Sleep Retailer / Summer 2021

1 Rize Tapping into the desire for new technology among younger generations and addressing the focus on sleep quality among consumers of all ages, Rize offers voice command ca- pabilities through an app in four of its seven adjustable base products. The mobile app incorporates voice commands, allowing the adjustable base owner to use their voice to utilize product features and benefits instead of using a remote. With one or two word com- mands, the user can quickly and easily use all the product’s functions they would typically engage with a traditional remote control. Ad- justable beds help people sleep better and can be a key component to improving health and well-being. Incorporating the functions of an adjustable bed base into modern technol- ogy combines the two ideas by making the bed easier to use. It also eliminates the risk of losing a remote. Rize recommends that RSAs pre-install the app on their own phones for easier demonstration on the floor. Looking ahead, the company anticipates the use of voice technology in items like sound machines, alarms and next-generation adjustable bases.

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2 Reverie Offering consumers multiple ways to utilize voice command capabilities, Reverie Connect supports voice command both through an app and through smart home compatibility. Reverie Connect works with both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home smart speakers, which means that it is connected to the cen- tral hub of nearly every smart home and in- tegrates very easily with any of the other de- vices on a home network. Reverie is helping consumers integrate all their electronics into an ecosystem that can enable them to have all the control in one place. At the same time, it is also important to remember that not everyone is seeking out Smart Home integration or interested in voice command technology. When selling the tech- nology on the floor, RSAs should first filter out anyone who is not interested. Start by asking customers if they use Amazon Alexa or Google Home speakers, or if they’re inter- ested in doing so in the future. If you receive a positive response, from there you can talk about the advantages of Reverie Connect. In the future, Reverie plans to offer Reverie Connect in all of its power bases.

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