McRoskey Mattress Lineup Gets An Upgrade For Its National Launch By Elaina Hundley

In preparation for the national launch of the premium McRoskey line-up, Pleasant Mat- tress is giving the San Francisco-based brand a facelift. The aim of the rebrand is to deliver distinctive elements that will stand out on the retail floor, making McCroskey an instantly recognizable elite brand for the luxury mattress market. The initiative precedes the brand’s first national placement in the original McRoskey San Francisco flagship retail store, where it first debuted more than 100 years ago. “McRoskey is an unrivaled Ameri- can-made,

premium-quality line of mat-

tresses with a rich heritage for which we have aggressive plans to expand to select, high-quality retailers throughout the coun- try,” said Rion Morgenstern, CEO of Pleasant Mattress. “The new design further elevates its look while paying homage to its roots, with meticulous attention to detail in its cov- er design, tufting and labeling.”

Robin Azevedo, third generation McRos- key family member and owner of the flagship McRoskey retail store will be the first retail-

er to floor the new model in its showroom. “Pleasant Mattress saw an opportunity to grow the McRoskey brand nationally as an artfully crafted, American-made, premium quality brand,” said Azevedo. “To have it rede- signed with a modern aesthetic and placed right here in San Francisco—where it all be- gan—as the first leg of its national journey is exciting and I’m looking forward to watching the brand continue to grow.” The new McRoskey aesthetic was creat- ed through a partnership with fabric experts from the premier global mills in the U.S. The refined ticking is a proprietary pattern that aligns perfectly on every mattress to maintain the high standard of excellence for which the brand is known. Delivering soothing shades of blue gray with symmetrical patterns, the two fabrics include Framing Fog and Timeless Tartan. In addition to the emblematic fabrics, each mattress includes tufted rosettes, flat matte black border airlets and eight handles that seamlessly blend into the iconic pattern. The McRoskey brand logo is stitched into the border with a classic black leather tag.

“When we created the ticking, we sought to create designs that were authentic and true to McRoskey’s San Francisco roots, offering a genuine story for retail sales associates.”

“When we created the ticking, we sought to create designs that were authentic and true to McRoskey’s San Francisco roots, of- fering a genuine story for retail sales associ- ates,” said Niki Weber, chief brand officer of Pleasant Mattress. “This story-driven brand- ing approach is key to the success of a high- end mattress because luxury consumers are drawn to the narrative behind the products they purchase.” Today’s offerings include the Modern and the Classic collections. The four-model Mod- ern features an all-natural construction and is built on a proprietary pocketed-coil system. The Classic model is constructed with the tried-and-true McRoskey open-coils. Each collection is paired with a box-spring avail- able in six-, eight- and 11-inch heights. Morgenstern added that the upscale visual aesthetic was designed to set McRoskey apart from other luxury brands, particularly those made abroad. “With a level of detail that rep- resents our personal connection to the brand and conveys the exacting level of quality our customers expect from us, the re-branded line will resonate with today’s luxury consumer as an iconic, made in the USA brand that stands for the ultimate in hand craftsmanship.” Visit and 17

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