Diamond Mattress Launches Adjustable Bases And Foundations

Gravity base features head/foot adjustment and three pre-set positions (flat, lounge and zero gravity), 12-inch adjustable height legs, split sync capability, a Bluetooth-enabled wire- less remote with memory settings, flashlight and a TV position button. The Zero Gravity retails at $899 in queen. And finally, the com- pany’s Essential base offers head adjustment and a wired remote, retailing at $699 in queen.

By Gretchen Kast

Diamond Mattress is rounding out its bedding solutions with the introduction of all-new ad- justable bases and foundations. Designed to give retailers more merchandising oppor- tunities and selling solutions, the new fea- ture-packed products include adjustable bas- es that offer massage for sleep wellness and foundations that simplify the bedroom space.

Designed to give retailers more merchandising opportunities and selling solutions, the new feature- packed products include adjustable bases that offer massage for sleep wellness and foundations that simplify the bedroom space. 24 Sleep Retailer / Summer 2021

Adjustable Base Program

Diamond’s new adjustable base program includes three distinct models for a strong good-better-best story. The two top models feature mobile app connectivity with addition- al features such as sleep sounds and wake- up alarm. All models offer 850-lb. weight ca- pacity and are shippable by UPS. The top Omni Massage model features massage functionality, head/foot adjustment, anti-snore position, underbed lighting, built-in dual USB ports, a Bluetooth-enabled touch screen remote with memory settings, flash- light and a TV position button. This upholstered base has mattress grip and can be used with no legs. It retails at $1,199 in queen. The Zero

Foundations The new, lightweight Versatile foundation is an ideal partner for any mattress, with six- inch legs and an eight-inch base. The foun- dation offers strong and noiseless support in addition to a clean look with a FR compliant fabric cover. Priced right at $299 retail, it is also lightweight, easy to move and set-up, and ships economically anywhere in the U.S. saving warehouse and truck space. The Space Base foundation is a space-sav- ing solution for those needing a strong, silent foundation with additional storage under the bed—over 40 cubic feet of storage in fact. The 14-inch leg height eliminates the need for an eight-inch foundation. Retailing at $199 queen, it is lightweight for easy and economical shipping and can be set up in five minutes with no tools needed. “Our multi-dimensional approach to new

product development means we design first to provide solutions to the end-consumer with features and price points they want and need, and then build the program to support success for our retail partners,” said Patrick Wolf, vice president of sales and education.

Luxury and Natural Stories

Diamond will also be showcasing its luxury Generations and natural Ethos mattress col- lections at market. Introduced in April, both lines were well received by retailers enthu- siastic to have quality, made in the USA mat- tresses in these high-demand categories at accessible price points. Visit

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