Winkworth, Coast & Country Cottages, Stags, Darthaven, Noss on Dart Marina, Triton Gallery etc, to name just a few, have long been loyal supporters of the magazine, often advertising in every issue. It must surely be working for them... our thanks to them and to our readers for using them. It is self-evident – if you don’t say you saw a company advertise in By The Dart if/when you respond to their advert, then they won’t advertise and By The Dart won’t exist! Is this enough though to sustain

a printed magazine for another 100 issues – who knows, although I believe that quality magazines that speak directly to the needs and interests of their readers and advertisers will still survive long term. Also 100 issues is the equivalent of nearly 17 years of publishing – I will be long into my ninth decade by then so it won’t be me publishing the 200th edition! Anyone out there keen to take it on? If so, give me a call. An important part of the appeal of the magazine are the many and varied contributors who regularly write for us – Colette Charsley, David & Holly Jones, Andy Kyle, the staff at Wollens, the Harbour Office, Dart RNLI, Mike Trevorrow, Winkworth and latterly The Coastal House, our motoring editor – Nick Fletcher and now Mark Slack, Rowena Kitchen and so on. Some have contributed articles for more than 10 years. We have also been fortunate to use the freelance services of experienced local

journalists for many of our interviews, things to do etc – formerly Phil Scoble, Heather Long, until recently Steph Woolvin and now Ginny Farrell and Kate Cotton. As for the rest of us, we are a

very small team, all now working part- time (my wife scoffs at this description of my contribution!). We have been so fortunate since the early days to have such a hard-working, skilful and loyal team, almost all of whom have been with us most of the way - Emma Jones (editorial, website and invoicing), Kim Fricker (advertising sales), Ruth Simpson (copy editing and boss’ muse!), Amanda Bloomer (advertising sales for The Post) and Lisa Wyman (our designer who’s been with us the longest - since mid 2009 - and whose design magic is responsible for the quality look and feel of the magazine). The magazine has developed and improved markedly over the years, and will continue to improve and change as time goes on. Comparisons with our very early issues (see #1 opposite) show a more mature and confident magazine, capable of standing toe to toe with bigger and better financed consumer magazines. The strap-line on

the front cover of the magazine is ‘celebrating local life’, in essence, why By The Dart exists and our mission statement. And there will be a lot more to celebrate for a long time to come…

Left: the By The Dart team. From left to right: Emma Jones, Lisa Wyman, Mark Simpson, Kim Fricker. Inset - Ruth Simpson Right: Some pages from the first issue of By The Dart back in March 2008.

Groomer from The London Academy of Grooming

Professional Mobile Dog Groomer

Kelly Hart: 07716 722822

Save money on your gym subscription

Gardentime celebrates 5 year quality and service

Advertising fea

ity and this month celebrates its 5th an- niversary. Overseen by husband and wife team, Chris & Philippa Varlow and with the support of their team of qualified horticulturists, the nursery is full of qual- ity plants, shrubs and speciality horticul- tural products. Just three of miles out of Dartmouth on the A3122 near the village of Blackawton, Gardentime is easily able to satisfy the needs of even the most dis- cerning of Dartmouth gardeners.

G The friendly and knowledgeable staff are able to answer any questions a

ardentime is a traditional nurs- ery and garden centre that puts the emphasis on plants and qual-

Providing an excellent standard in all aspects of Grooming

Get fit by delivering By The Da magazine to local residents in Dartmouth, Kingswear, Dittisha Stoke Flemming & Strete

If you are reliable & kee to enjoy some fresh air earn some money plea contact Mark on 07775 773837

Chris Varlow, owner

trees are sourced directly by Chr as far as Italy.

Chris has many years’ expe

of managing large and small nu and garden centres – he was previo Manager with Country Gardens & W ale Garden Centres before branchin

“The friendly and

knowledgeable staff are ab to answer any questions”

visitor may have and can give expert ad- vice on what plants are best for South Devon’s climate and soil and how best to plant and care for them.

Many of the plants are sourced lo-

cally e.g Camelias grown in Strete (small £9.50, large £17.50) and bedding plants from Slapton are currently available this month. Some of the speciality shrubs and

on his own – and he and his team a shrewd eye for spotting and sour quality plants. All plants are in excel health and keenly priced with attrac discounts for bulk purchases. There many “mix and match” offers e.g. su value shrubs – 4 for £12, or herbaceo perennials – 5 for £10.

Like any good garden, a go

nursery and garden centre never stan still. In the past year, Chris and Philip have undertaken many improvements t the layout of the plants area and shop an to the range and variety of stock.

Please mention By The Dart when responding to adverts. To advertise here, please call 01803 540695 or email

Arts&Crafts ‘A career as an artist?’ What was that?

Devon artist Stewart Edmondson talks to By The Dart

Why painting?

As a child I had 2 ambitions: to be a painter and to play for Leeds United. The Leeds’ scouts did come to see me play but not for long! But ‘a ca- reer as an artist?’ what was that? My father was in the printing trade so

there were always large sheets of paper and draw- ing materials around the house. This was great as I didn’t have to think about keeping my drawings small! The other thing was my interest in biology: so with both of them, I ended up with a career as a Landscape Architect, a ‘proper job’.

I did this pre Fine Art Course in Leeds

that totally put me off art college. I was into my ‘A’ levels and mum and dad could see art re- ally meant something to me and came across this fantastic Scottish painter living locally. They ar- ranged for private lessons, and this was the turning point for me as I wasn’t going anywhere at school with art. I had an ordinary life and at that time the wasn’t that consciousness that you could ever ma it as a full-time artist.

It can be wild - the wind and rain tends to move the paint around when you throw it onto the paper

Above: “Dancing Hawthorn”. Top Right “Heaven meets Earth”

Above: Stewart painting a ways does in the great ou

Retail E

ach month, By The Dart will bring you news of any new shop openings, sales, interesting or im- portant new stock arrivals, chang- es to opening times etc. Whilst in- formation is limited this month, we are committed to keeping this page as comprehensive and up to date as possible.


In March, many new stores will have their summer stock arriving e.g. new ranges arrive at Crew Clothing (2, Fairfax Place), Fat Face (12, The Quay), Danielli’s (32 Lower Street), House of Hawkins – their sale is open until the end of February (10 Foss Street), Musto - their sale is also open until the end of Febru- ary (7 Foss Street). Imago Trading (11, Victoria Road) is

under new ownership – watch this space for any future changes to the store. The Canvas Factory (5 Foss Street)

would like to remind residents that whilst it sells branded bags etc, it makes its own wide range of canvas bags and accessories either for the house, the boat or for personal use – some of which can be custom made to your specification. Smythz (2 Smith Street) will be clos-

ing down imminently as soon as a new buy- er for the premises can be found but, in the meantime, there remains a 70%-off sale on all menswear and ladieswear until further no- tice.

The big news in February was the

smell and taste of traditional French baking being brought to 3 Victoria Road with the opening of Saveurs. A proper boulangerie, patisserie and chocolaterie, Saveurs offers a unique culinary delight to Dartmouth. Julien Picamil and Guylaine Leclerc, who last Sep- tember left the New Angel, to prepare for this venture are getting up in the early hours of each morning to prepare their delicacies fresh for the day. Watch out for next month’s, By The Dart, for a more in-depth feature on their new venture. In the meantime, beat a path to Victoria Road for some Easter and Mother’s Day treats.

Restaurant Round-up Vaughan’s restaurant, (upstairs at the

Steam Packet Inn, 3 Fore Street, Kingswear) opened on February 1st and provides good quality curries, fish, steaks and home-made

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