A logistics business that opened in Corby last summer has generated 50 jobs with plans to create a further 100 over the next 12 months. McGinley Logistics Support,

which acts as a third-party logistics provider for its clients, is based in a 65,000 sq ft warehouse on the Earlstrees Industrial Estate. Founder and CEO, Scott

McGinley, is well-known in logistics after working in the sector for more than 20 years for brands including Argos, Tesco, Dreams, and Cygnia Logistics. He said: “At a time where many

businesses in the area have been forced to make redundancies or offer zero-hour contracts, we’re proud to have opened this new facility and created permanent, full- time jobs that pay above the National Living Wage. “Corby is a prime location as it falls in the golden triangle of

logistics, which is made up of the M42, M1 and M6. This means we can get to 98% of the UK within a four-hour drive.” McGinley Logistics Support was

founded in July 2018 by Scott and his business partner Peter Hillman. The company has secured several contracts that will result in a turnover of more than £2.5m in its first year. It has also opened a facility in

Los Angeles and plans to open a third depot in Australia. “We’ve quickly built a business

working with smaller companies than our competitors, leveraging large volumes across air, sea and road,” added Peter Hillman. “We’re small enough to offer

flexibility but large enough and experienced enough to offer top quality unloading, packing and wrapping services and deliver all over the globe.”

Staff at McGinley Logistics Support


A dynamic construction and project management company has expanded its expert team. AMJ Construction has experienced strong growth during the past

three years and as a result has expanded its project management team, welcoming experienced project manager Mason Whiting. Director Annie Hull said: “Mason’s background in pure construction

aids our capabilities of developing plans that can be easily and effectively implemented on site. We pride ourselves on our project management expertise and see this as our USP. “‘Managing a project’ and ‘project management’ may sound similar

The ID Card Centre team at their new premises


Having delivered a three-year business development plan, ID Card Centre has relocated to new premises in Moulton Park, increasing floor space by 300 per cent before adding a mezzanine storey to the warehouse. Since Christmas the company has been working hard to create and

fill five new roles in its workforce. Nicola O’Brien, director of ID Card Centre, explained how this has

come about – and shows why you should be prepared to invest in your business if your marketing works and your company grows. She said: “By following our business development plan, ID Card

Centre’s turnover grew by 87% between 2016 and 2018. We gradually recruited accordingly and extended the business premises by 40% during this period before recently taking a larger leap. “Making your business grow requires a vast amount of sheer hard

graft by everyone involved. However, it’s vital to adequately plan for the next step. We’ve been enormously disciplined in leaving funds within the business to facilitate sustainable growth. After all, it’s no good talking about taking your business to the next level if you don’t make the right provisions.” Although ID Card Centre has won awards for innovation and growth,

its owners – and its business development plans – continue to focus on sustainability.

6 inbusiness APRIL/MAY 2019 Mason Whiting

but they are actually very different things leading to different results. Our team of professional project managers consistently deliver as they know which things make the difference. “We have developed a ‘smart interpretation’ of known and respected

but often onerous and restrictive project management processes – the result being a simple but highly effective project management process that can be applied to any project.”

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