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(Continued from page 60) 7 Ways Grounds Entertainment Can Make Your Event A Huge Success 5 - Creates Value You need to make sure your audience feels like they are getting

great value for their money at your event. So many things go to- gether to make your event feel great to your customers: a great carnival, great food, fun games, interesting booths, all work to- gether to create value. Awesome grounds entertainment, show- cased properly, can create huge value in the mind of your cus- tomer. Mom took a day off, organized the family, traveled, stopped at

the bank and spent some bucks on your grounds making her chil- dren happy. At the end of the day will she feel like she got her money’s worth? Friends, food, and fun are the success trifecta for you. A great grounds act adds huge value to the fun factor. The more memories your audience has to balance against the money they spend, the more the value factor tips in your favor, the happi- er they are, the more they tell their friends and they return time and again. Resource: Download our Two dozen Fun Factors articles.

When stacked together at your event they will exponentially tip the value factor in your favor and create happy customers that will come back again that week and spend more money. 6 - Draws Sponsors Lots of people may go to your grand-

stand, but everyone walks across your grounds. With the right signage you can make a big impact for sponsors. Increase your attraction to sponsors by

making them feel important and one way to do that is by making them part of your decision making process. Approach spon- sors with a variety of literature and share with them ahead of time what you’re thinking about doing, share the cost and ask for their input. Or, take color 8 by 10 photos of your acts and see which ones they would like to have their name on. Ultimately you decide, but making them feel like part of the process helps make them a sponsor. 7 - The Feel Good Factor So here’s the bottom line; great entertain-

ment on your grounds that creates smiles and makes people feel good, will help open up pockets. Great entertainment creates an at- mosphere of fun and smiles. Smiles are the grease on the spending gears. OK, so that’s kind of a silly metaphor, but it is true; the more fun they have, the more relaxed they’ll

be and the more relaxed they will be with their dollars. Resource: Article, eight ways to recognize an outstanding

grounds entertainment act that makes it all happen. Download these and other articles at Three Keys to Show- casing Your Grounds Entertainment For Bigger Impact; Four Things You Need to Know About Negotiating a Great Deal With Professional Grounds Acts; Five Ways To Create Traffic With Free Entertainment.

Sam Bowman is an entertainment producer, winner of Entrepreneur of The Year and creator of one of the most successful grounds entertainment acts, Granpa Cratchet. Sam is author of Because Granpa Says So, That’s Why: a humorous look at business and life on the road, with six hundred jokes and stories. He is co- author of The Summer of Painless Toenails: Losing a Son, Gaining a Grandson, helping grandparents re- parent a generation of whole, happy and healthy grandchildren.


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