Spotlight on Associates 7 Ways Grounds Entertainment Can Make

Your Event A Huge Success By Samuel Lee Bowman

Awesome grounds entertainment is a powerful force that can

elevate your event from average to spectacular. Great grounds entertainment can draw sponsor dollars, increase attendance and create more spending on grounds. You know you need to provide entertainment, but the question is, are you making the most of your entertainment investment? Here’s seven benefits that can make your grounds entertain-

ment an investment that will pay big dividends for your event. 1 - Free Publicity Great grounds acts draw

traffic to your event with free publicity. The outstanding acts have personal interest stories and press releases that give your local media something they can work with to create great press for you. A lot of the acts have awe- some stories about life on the road, or how they got started. When you tell their story you tell your story. Great stories give the media something to talk about. Often grounds acts are not nationally well known like your big

grandstand acts, but they can generate the same if you treat them like they are big time acts. If they make a strong appearance in you local media people will think they are big time and will be im- pressed, even if they have not heard of them before. When interviewing grounds acts ask if they have personal inter-

est stories, press releases, photos, or interesting articles that will make great press. We provide not only press on our show, but we provide articles that address issues of concern to seniors and grandparents. These informative articles give the media the story they need to attract readers, but will also serve as great publicity for you. Free publicity is as impactful as paid advertising if you promote your acts correctly to the media. Resource: Make sure and download our five secrets to getting

your media to give you more free advertising. 2 - Pizazz Usually grounds acts are not nationally known names, but you

can make them look that way to your public by giv- ing them a lot of pizazz in your fair book and in your advertising. Don’t just say “See the puppet show”, say “See the hilarious Granpa Cratchet show as seen on the Today Show and Entertainment to- night.” (All true hype, of course). Create great headlines for your acts and get professional help to

make your advertising have pizazz: add confetti, stars and ban- ners, lots of creativity and color to your presentation of your acts and more people will come. Create crazy, spectacular headlines. You are in show business, so put on a show in your fliers, your fair book and in your media! Resource: Download our article, six ways to create more pizazz

in your advertising. 3 - Free Advertising So you’ve heard it said the best advertising is word of mouth.

How true that is and your great grounds acts can deliver word of mouth big time. When you choose a great grounds act you give your audience something to go home and talk about. People love


to boast to other people about what they have seen and heard. You always talk about that great movie you saw last weekend. Peo- ple will talk about the great enter- tainment they saw at your event. In today’s modern world, word of

mouth means social media. If they see a great show on your grounds they will post photos and videos all over social media right away. A great grounds act has built into it opportunities for photos and comments that work well on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Every day a hundred happy parents will take a photo of their

child with Granpa, or their favorite animal, or a huggable costume character. Have a Jr. fair board volunteer (a teen or tween is great for this one) roam your grounds looking for photo ops and posting on social media. Still, a great grounds act sends kids and adults alike going home and blabbing to their friends about what they saw at the fair, if you have stacked it with great entertainment. Resource: Download ten ways to create more word of mouth for

your event, available at 4 - Atmosphere Atmosphere is everything when you are in show business, and

the fair business is show business. A great grounds act will create noise; music, laughter and applause on your grounds. I love it when a brass band marches through the grounds playing a John Phillips Sou- sa Song. I love The Sidewalk Stompers, a small group of clowns that make a small, totally wacky brass band that really knows how to have fun and swing through a song. They create great atmosphere! Comedian jugglers, crazy clowns, stilt walkers, and lions roaring all contribute to the atmosphere that

makes things happen for your event. You are competing with Dis- ney. When you make your event feel like Disneyland, you win. When people smile, have fun and feel great, and feel like they’re getting their money’s worth, they loosen up and give more of their money to your venders which generates revenue for you. Resource: Get our list of great booking agencies that make it

their job to provide the very best in atmosphere creating entertain- ment. Great grounds acts make impact for your sponsors with signs

and banners and live mention during their shows. Matching spon- sors to acts, like pet food or a pet store to an animal act is the way to go. Over the years we have watched who sponsors our show and have created story lines that work well with different types of local merchants such as hardware stores (Granpa’s General Store) or insurance agencies (Our Safety First theme show), waste management companies with our Take the Garbage Out themed show, and home improvement companies love our Granpa’s Farm- house show. Don’t forget to have your act mention your sponsor when they announce


shows over your PA. You’ll want to

make sure press releases and per- sonal interest stories include a tie-in to your sponsors, which every professional

grounds act should have. (Continued on next page) FAIRCRACKER-SUMMER 2018

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