Convention News “Changing Lives One Fair At A Time”

And IAFE Zone 2 Meeting was held May 17-19 Changing Lives One Fair At A Time –What could be a

This year’s Florida Federation of Fairs Annual Convention

more appropriate theme than emphasizing the impact that Fairs have on young people’s lives and their local commu- nities every day! This year’s Convention and Zone 2 Meet- ing was a celebration of all our Fairs as the “Super Heroes” they are for the commitment, dedication, and “heart” they put into their Fairs. With this year’s Convention/Zone 2 meeting again held in

Orlando at the Hilton Buena Vista Palace, it offered the attendees the opportunity to enjoy all that Disney Springs has to offer with just a short walk over from the hotel. Over 525 attendees participated which was one of the largest events ever! Paul Davis and the Convention Program Committee

planned a great convention. The Committee spent a great deal of time seeking input from Fairs about what topics they wanted on the program and as a result, it was a pro- gram that offered something for everyone! From agricul- ture to midway issues to everything in between……The foundation of the event is focused on the individual Com- mittees that run every aspect of the convention. As with a Fair – there are “lots of moving parts” and it wouldn’t be possible without everyone’s efforts! Having Zone 2 join the event has added a level of pres-

tige to the event. Zone 2 had 7 of the 8 Zone 2 states rep- resented at the event and took a very active role in the program. The Florida YPI group held a fundraiser and raised $650 to go to Zone 2 for YPI Scholarships to attend the IAFE Convention and the Zone 2 YPI group donated a basket to the Silent Auction that raised another $350 for the Zone 2 YPI Scholarship fund. In addition, Vicki Chouris, Zone 2 Director coordinated a “Grab Bag” fund- raiser that raised $800! Etix sponsored a Welcome Re- ception for Zone 2 where we toasted their involvement. The event kicked off on Wednesday, May 16th, with the

Annual Giles Ellis Golf Tournament which was held at the Disney Palm Golf course. Though there was the threat of rain, the tournament was able to kick off and complete the full course. Wednesday also featured the 2nd year of an

event sponsored by the YPI Committee which was the Splitsville Mix and Mingle. It was open to everyone but was sponsored by our YPI Committee. This year’s attend- ance doubled over last year and the YPI committee is already making plans for another exciting event for next year, It was great fun and a chance for Fair folks to meet other Fair folks! With a slick new

Retiring President Dawn Rowe ac- cepts her President’s gavel from in- coming President Paul Davis.

program for registration sponsored by Saffire Events,registration kicked off on Wednesday afternoon with tote bags sponsored by Kaliff Insurance and Strates Shows and notepads sponsored by Belle City Amuse- ments. Name badges were supplied by K & K Insurance and signage throughout the convention was designed by the South Florida Fair and produced by Dorado Graphix. Thursday’s program took a whole new approach and of-

fered only one workshop for the afternoon which was an Active Shooter Workshop. Everyone was encouraged to attend and the room was packed.

It was a timely issue

and was well presented by Innovative Training & Consult- ing – a local company with years of experience in the Fair industry. A special thanks to Accurate Event Group for sponsoring this program. Thursday also kicked off the opening of the Trade Show

with 116 booths – our largest ever! In an effort to draw people into the trade show, the program featured lunch in the Trade Show on Friday which was sponsored by the Miami Dade County Fair and Expo with a Great Cash Give-Away that was sponsored by EcoShield. Over $1,000 was given away in cash! Friday morning started out with workshops and round

tables. Throughout the course of the 3 days, over 66 work- shops and round table discussions were offered. A special thanks to Haas & Wilkerson for sponsoring the Work- shops and Capitol International Productions, George’s Fun Foods, and North American Midway Entertainment for sponsoring the round table discussions. This year’s Opening Session featured a “keynote duo” as

The Honorable Rick Lott, Mayor of Plant City, Florida talked about how his life was changed by his participation in his local Fair and Marla Calico, President and CEO of IAFE, followed with an emphasis on the impact that Fairs do make on their local communities and youth. Their re- marks were followed by videos from several Florida young folks who talked about how Fairs had impacted their lives. A special thanks to Populous for sponsoring our Keynote Speakers. At the Thursday night’s President’s Party which was in

A special thanks to our Registration Team! Lisa Hinton, Elaine Miller, Melody McIntyre & Jeanne Keaton 10

honor of President Dawn Rowe, everyone celebrated with “Cowgirl Boots and Country Roots” – everyone came decked out in their best western wear and enjoyed an Continued on page 11


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