Greetings to you all! I come to you with

a message of thanksgiving, promise and anticipation for another successful year. I am honored to have the privilege of serv-

ing the Florida Federation of Fairs as the 2018-1019 President. It is humbling to know the board of directors, members and nomi- nating committee have enough confidence in me to serve in this capacity. I am looking forward to the future with hopes of creating more opportunities for growth and profes- sional development amongst our members and associate members through workshops and training. The Federation’s commitment to the community and its volunteers, as well as countless sponsors and asso- ciate members, is what makes this corporation second to none. Our mission statement is our pledge to do our part in cultivating a society that contributes to an intricate piece of the American Pie. Our Federation is vital to increasing the awareness of agriculture, trade, entertainment and heritage in the great state of Florida for our fairgoers. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Mr. Tom Umiker, General

Manager of the Greater Hillsborough County Fair, for his recent induction to the Florida Federation of Fairs Hall of Fame. On behalf of myself, the board of directors and the members of the Federation we congratulate him on this well- deserved achievement. Mr. Umiker is an accomplished trailblazer of innovative ideas and world-class management techniques. He has gained national and state recognition for his outstanding leadership and commitment to excellence. Mr. Umiker carries one of the most distinguished honors in this corporation with humility and an unwavering desire to make a difference in the lives of so many. We thank you for your service, Tom. It is always a pleasure as a member of the Florida Federation of Fairs to be

invited to the Florida FFA State Convention and Expo in Orlando. This year marks a remarkable accomplishment for the FFA. This June, they celebrated 90 years of service in cultivating generations of leaders in the field of agricul- ture. This was our second year in attendance, it was exciting to visit and talk with some of the members of this outstanding organization. Many students join the FFA to learn more about agricultural awareness, leadership skills and ca- reer opportunities. It is incredible to hear from the youth in our community, the passion they have for agricultural education and how it has impacted their lives and influenced their opinions of the industry. I encourage you to support your local FFA chapter and share in their experiences. I am pleased to announce in late July we will be taking a trip out west to the

Golden State of California. We will be attending the California State Fair in Sacramento. We are eager to visit and take in all the sights and scenery this great fair has to offer. See page 9 for more details. It is with great anticipation that I encourage you all to attend the Florida

Federation of Fairs annual Summer Workshop coming July 27th-28th. I hope you will join us that weekend as we fellowship, collaborate and celebrate the great things that are happening within the Federation and around the state. See page 7 for more information or for that and upcoming events, please feel free to visit our website for more information. Please remember to have a fun and safe fair season. I hope to see you at the next one!


OFFICERS President

Paul Davis, President

Florida Strawberry Festival 303 N Lemon Street

Plant City, FL 33563 Phone: 813-752-9194

First Vice President Bill Olson, CFE

Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair Second Vice President

Jim Ward, Pasco County Fair Secretary/Treasurer

Rhonda Ward, Collier County Fair

Immediate Past President Dawn Rowe

Osceola County Fair and

Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show DIRECTORS

Terry Atchley, Hardee County Fair

Fran Crone, SW FL & Lee County Fair Mark Harvey, North Florida Fair Shawn Krauel, Central Florida Fair

Rita DeMier Lincoln, South Florida Fair Hal Porter, Citrus County Fair

Dan West, Manatee County Fair ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS

Richard George, George’s Fun Foods Tim Stevens, G.L. Berg Entertainment


Florida Dept. of Agriculture Scot Eubanks, Florida Farm Bureau


IMPORTANT DATES July 27-28, 2018

Summer Workshop Florida Strawberry Festival

November 25-28, 2018 IAFE Convention

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center San Antonio, Texas

MAY 16-19, 2019

Florida Federation of Fairs And Zone 2 Convention

Renaissance Resort at the World Golf Village in St. Augustine


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