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Mays Early Dawn

GOOD WORD Ads $85 each. 100 max ~ 10 word headline max. 1 art ~707-494-1767 Musica Universalis, Love and Quiches!

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trees with an organic acid-lov- ing mix and if ants are crawling about use sticky tangle foot to stop them. Citrus also enjoy used coffee grounds stirred in the top few inches of soil. Roasters offer bagged used grounds around town and certainly save your own. The used paper fi lters are fi ne to add to the compost as well.

with consultative services on new accounts, mortgage and auto loans, and other fi nancial needs, as well as RCU’s expand- ed services such as insurance, auto sales, and fi nancial plan- ning to help members prepare for the future.

Soft pink apple blossoms fade giving way to tiny green fruits, Asian pears and juicy plums are swelling. Early mornings are fi lled with bird-song, echoing from tree tops. Giant terra cotta pots of herbs can be placed about the garden and fragrance is beginning to per- meate the air as April transforms itself into May. We may think we are nurturing the garden but I do believe the garden is nurturing us. Claude Monet said his garden was his most beautiful masterpiece and I hope yours is becoming that for you.

operate in the black? A Pun that got Away!

Does a coffee shop have the grounds to

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ To ex- plore

Do You Have Scandinavian Genes?

Scandinavian history, ancestry and

culture, culi-

nary arts, Freya Lodge Sons of Norway in Santa Rosa is a great resource. Their website,, has in- formation

about upcoming

programs and events. To fi nd out about membership, e-mail

Come and

have fun the Viking way! One person dues $60, family rate $95 per year. Members enjoy a discounted rate at events.

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or even Naan bread. Our family’s huge collection of

recipes includes a Swabian ver- sion. One of my great aunts, who was a Mrs. Santa Claus look-a- like, made it her specialty. Folks from that southern area of Ger- many, where the deep densely fra- grant spruce and pine grow: T e Black Forest or Schwar- zwald, re- ally enjoy their Zwie- belkuchen.

~ You need to love onions--no cheese in this one. Ingredients: For the topping:


plus lbs of sweet onions, knob of butter, 6 eggs, 2 cups sour cream, about 10 ½ oz of diced bacon/

pancetta, salt, pepper, --caraway seeds and more spices optional. Directions:

Peel, dice onions.

In large pan, add some butter, cook the diced pancetta with the simmer- ing onions until soſt . Set aside to cool. Beat eggs and sour cream.

T en

mix all together. Distribute on readied pan or dish of dough or crust. Bake between 325 to 375 degrees (depending on your oven) until golden. As auntie

said: “You can make it ahead. Slice it before serving. T en you can pass out!” I know she didn’t quite mean that literally. We always had fun together. ~Ellie

An independent local Community Bank since 1890

Personal and Business Checking and Savings products and services: • Loans–Consumer and Business • Online Banking with Bill Pay and Paperless Statements–It’s the Greener way! • Youth Savings programs • ATM locations throughout Sonoma County for your convenience • A Customer Service team dedicated to answering your call before and after business hours

• We invite you to e-mail, call or visit us at any of our branches to answer your questions about how Exchange Bank can become your bank. 707.524.3000 or toll free 800.995.4066

30 • May 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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