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The Rest is UP to You! Nap Attack!

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ How much control do we have over our- selves when it comes to the body needing rest? I pretty much have control over what- ever I want to do and mostly

over my body... except

when it comes to sleep. Sleep

comes to

me whether I want it or not. Late in the aſt ernoon for exam- ple, and sometimes in the morning. I love to relax, and I’m pretty

good at it. But every once in a while I fi nd myself falling into a dream while relaxing outside sitting in one of our upright lounge chairs.

T is is just a regular seat...and

only semi-comfortable. It hap- pens when I’m all done con- centrating aſt er a day creating a new paper or completing nu- merous projects. It’s been hap- pening since I’ve skipped my daily aſt ernoon nap. In the past, I tried to take a nap everyday. It made me feel more alive! Life

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got busier and busier. I skipped a few, then a few more...then it would catch up to me. T e truth is...I love to take naps whenever I have 15-20 minutes and no ap- pointments.

Right be- fore dinner, right as my wife and I sit outside and have a soda water, I start to doze off ... unable to keep my eyes open. She gently says to me that I should go in- side and take a short rest. I actu- like

ally to

rest outside in the fresh air. I sleep much deeper! When I wake up, I’m a bit groggy, but I feel soooo much better! It is like night and day. No wonder people from some countries shut every thing down between noon and 4pm. It’s brilliant! I am personally not made to go- go-go! No wonder Starbucks has grown so successfully over the years. People drink coff ee to stay awake. It kind of does the

opposite to me. Maybe

when I was 20 I could go-go- go!, but the truth is...I’ve always

much needed break. By mak- ing us take a nap she had time to rest. Who, as a child really wanted to do that?!! I really did not like being told to take a nap when I wasn’t tired...then something changed one day. I think I had turned eight or something. My mom say’s to me, “You can either take a nap or read a book”. I was elated...I fi nally didn’t have to take the dreaded rest and I could read too! I think it was a trick be- cause my eyes started to get tired and the next thing I knew

“If at fi rst you don’t succeed...Stay positive & learn. It will happen” ~ P.A. Doyle

by Paul Andrew Doyle •

needed a nap/rest, or I should say, it needs me! In fact, as a young boy, my

mom insisted I take a nap, probably because she needed a

it was an hour later...I had fall- en asleep! And, my mood was better. I’m writing quite a bit about

this ‘Nap T ing’ because in my adult

I now re- alize

rest is es- sential my

life, that to


cess in all aspects

of daily life. When I sleep I dream ex- cessively.


ing, listen- ing,

venturing, planning, cook-

ing and

formulating ideas I could not even touch in my waking hours. What has resulted from resting, in addition to feeling more re- laxed and actually being able to deal with the challenges of life is an ongoing fresh approach toward all that I do. Life gives us ideas and continual oppor- tunities to grow and expand and to become the success we wish to become. I have learned the conduit for me is a rested mind. I barely have time to watch television because I am

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Nath theyth sthill feelth a bith tighth.” He says.

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