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May’s Early Dawn Santa Rosa, CA. ~ It’s quiet garden early

dawn, dew sparkles on thin blades of green grass. Cooing mourn- ing doves interrupt the

becoming more flo- riferous almost by the moment. May is a month of in- credibly explosive flowers, wild and tame everywhere you look. Busy pol- linators of all kinds seem to dance and hover

in divinely

cool, spring breezes although it’s start- ing to quickly warm

up so it is so important that you stay hydrated! Try red hibiscus tea, lemon balm to sooth your nerves, spearmint for digestion and for a sweeter tea add stevia. Small slices of lemon can be frozen in ice cubes

adding the perfect touch! It’s time to release lady bugs, lacewings and tiny trichograma wasps in your garden to feast on aphids and other hungry pests. Mulch everything thickly to retain moisture and encourage healthy microbial action, keeping 1 inch away from stems and trunks to prevent rot and dis- eases. Add my- corrhizal


granules to the roots when planting. Lo- cal nurseries, and of course Amazon, offer many choices, sizes and prices. Check out mycor- rhizal on Wikipedia for further definition and understanding of this amazing part of the earth. You de- cide!

New gardens are popping up ev- erywhere and bursting into bloom. Hoping your gardens are deeply satisfying. Time to sow seeds of tomato, beans, zucchini, sweet ba- sil, kale, beets, cabbage, parsley,

BIG spRing Guide by Kimberly Childers •

peppers and eggplant or visit local nurseries, box stores and get grow- ing plants in your gardens NOW. Crepe paper-like petals of the many varieties of poppies are wonderful and magical planted in the garden, their frilly pet- als flitter in the slightest breeze. Yel- low columbine, Shasta


and deep purple Siberian iris mingle. Plant elegant fox- glove varieties, herbaceous pe- onies, Meadow buttercups, bee balm and bor- ders of purple and bright yel- low Johnny-

jump-ups are fabulous. Soft lilac Verbena bonariensis, stunning new varieties and bold colors of zinnia, orange and pinks of Lantana, cone-

flower, nectar filled, heirloom sca- bious, globe thistle, elegant spires of agastache, purple and reds of salvia including still much sought after ‘Hot lips’, nicotiana and lobelia will cause the bees & butter- flies to ‘smile’! Favorites

of mine this year include Tiarella trifoli- ata also called three leaved foam flower. Perfect for shade gardens along with na- tive Huchera maxima, creat- ing a dizzying fairy-like col- lection. Cup- cake blooms of cosmos bi-

pinnatus, chocolate cosmos, apri- cot colored Spanish poppy and the truly magnificent Mexican Sun- flower, Tithonia rotundifolia an orange 6’ butterfly magnet. Gasp! Don’t forget to visit California Flora a native plant nursery.


of absolute wonderfulness, a fan- tastic website and a very helpful staff. Check out wholesale and retail Emerisa Gar- dens, Kings Nursery, Bennett Val- ley Gardens, Prickets’ and more. Discover them all for yourself and fill your flower gardens with pure magic and delight!

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JOKES & Humor # 3

The town leader thought that it was going to be a bad winter so he sent all the citizens out to collect wood. As he watched them return laden with timber from the forest he suddenly felt that he ought to check his forecast so he phoned the local meteorological office.

“Tell me, is it going to be a bad winter?”

“Yes” said the forecaster ” it will be a bad one”

So the leader told the people that they didn’t have enough wood and sent them back into the forest again. They returned with more wood but once again the leader had doubts and he called the forecaster to confirm.

“It is going to be a really severe winter” replied the forecaster.

The leader looked at the wood store & decided that more was required and the people once again were dispatched back in to forest. The leader called the forecaster.

“Are you sure it’s going to be a really severe winter”

“Look” said the forecaster “its definitely going to be the worst winter on record – the towns people are gathering wood like crazy!””

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. ~ Benjamin Franklin

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