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BIG spRing Guide Funky Fridays Grows and Helps to Fund Wildfire Recovery For Hood Mountain Regional Park & More!

Sonoma County, CA. ~ There are few choices for summer entertainment that offer more bang for your buck than a Funky Fridays’ evening, al fresco con- cert on the spacious front lawn of the historical Hood Mansion in Sonoma Valley. Ten dollars buys you a two-hour concert by talented and seasoned Bay Area musicians, supplemented with affordable

good food,

beer, wine and sweets. Tickets are $10 with 18 years and under attending free. You can’t beat the price – purchase a ‘Ten-Pack Ticket

now at local ticket outlets - $50 (buy 5 / get 5 free). Tickets are also available online or at the gate.

Bring a low chair and blan-

ket and be ready to enjoy the show. No matter how warm the weather gets, it almost al- ways starts to cool down at sunset, fetching balmy, cool

ocean breezes into our warm inland valley. You are more than welcome to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages, but there is great

food, desserts, beer, wine and soft drinks for sale, courtesy of our sponsors and supporters. “Kenwood Vineyards and Hen- House Brewing Company are the two exclusive sponsors for this summer’s event and will

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24 • May 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

be serving their fi ne wines and assorted tap beers”, said event organizer Linda Pavlak. “Henhouse Brewing Compa- ny is STOKED to be pouring beer again this year at Funky Fridays,” co-founder Scott Goynek said. “HenHouse is al- ways proud to donate our beer to the Sonoma County Region- al Parks Foundation and to be part of this fun concert series set in the most amazing loca- tion at the Hood Mansion.” What makes the event really zing is that the bands love per- forming there. “Funky Fridays is in a beautiful setting and is one of our favorite venues on the Sonoma County summer circuit,” said Jane Sorenson, leader of the Poyntlyss Sistars Band. “We love performing there! Bill and Linda are won- derful people...kind, generous, and truly concerned about the comfort and safety of perform- ers at their venue. They are so positive and full of life, set- ting the stage for an evening of delightful


for enthusiastic concert-goers, for a worthy cause. Long live FUNKY FRIDAYS!” The Jami Jamison’s band has been playing Funky Fri-

days for the past fi ve years and looks forward to coming back. “When many of our local parks were

closing said. or threatened

with closure due to state bud- get cuts, Bill Myers and Linda Pavlak decided to take action,” Jami

“They set their

sights on saving local parks and conceived a plan to have local band concerts in the park to raise revenue. It started out small, but became so popular the venue had to be moved to the grounds of the Hood Man- sion.”


noma County Regional Parks Foundation

All proceeds go to the So- to support the

county’s network of parks, trails and activities year round. “The Parks Foundation is so grateful for Funky Fridays,” Executive


Kelley said. “This event is now one of our biggest annual fun- draisers. Funding from Funky Fridays has supported the Hood Mansion interpretive


that tell the history of that area, a Bear Aware program at Hood Mountain Regional Park and Sugarloaf Ridge State


and the ‘SugarHood’ Shuttle Service. None of these efforts would have been possible with- out funds from Funky Fridays.” This summer, funds raised will support projects related to Hood Mansion, wildfi re recovery for Hood Mountain Regional Park, and other county park projects in Sonoma Valley. Just off Highway 12 across from Oakmont, the venue has expansive FREE parking with easy access to a gently slop- ing amphitheater

that offers

good views and great sound. Funky Fridays is the best thing you can possibly do on a Fri- day evening in the Valley of the Moon. You will end your week well, start your weekend better, and still have time for more ad- ventures when you leave with some daylight still shining in the Western sky. Check it out

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