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SONOMA COUNTY, CA. ~ A “sound Soundman and a really nice guy,” a phrase that


scribes David

“Bubba” Forma-

to, who is


engineer at

wood Cafe in Cotati. Red- Bubba

gets a lot of shout-outs from appreciative musicians on the stage. Attentive to details and always welcoming when the bands load-in to the venue, he is professional every step of the way from sound-check to en- core. Born in Chicago, raised in

Los Angeles, Formato moved to Sonoma County in 2002 to raise his family with Dalila, his wife of 30 years. T e couple has two sons and a daughter and three grandkids. Formato fondly recalls seeing his fi rst concert when he was around 14 and his Aunt took him to see Smokey Robison at the Univer- sal Amphitheatre, a concert that infl uenced his career path. Passionate about most genres as long as the musical quality is good, Formato has a deep ap- preciation for the artistry that musicians achieve.


Musical Notes in Sonoma County Sound is Everything! together

by Shekeyna Black • Formato started DJ-ing in

1984 when he and friends pieced


homemade [speaker] cabinets,”

he the music

nisces. “I just


remi- loved and

I got pretty good at it. We


actual vi- nyl records, back in the day,”


says with a laugh. He was the DJ for the Fri- day

Nights and worked

Latin as

a bouncer doing security at a place called Little Switzerland in the City of Sonoma. People will know the place formerly as Rossi’s and currently as T e Reel Fish Shop. Community- minded, Formato provides the sound system and his engineer- ing skills for non-profi t events; such as, Meals on Wheels and St. Rose Parish fundraisers and the Peace & Justice Cen- ter of Sonoma County’s annual Concert in the Hub. Formato has mixed for some of the best bands in Sonoma County. He

was the soundman for Mid- night Sun Massive and it was DJ Bagga, who was one of the man- agers

of that

band, who


get For- mato a job fi lling

in oc- casion-

ally on sound

at Red- wood Cafe. One

thing led to

another, and he

became the venue’s sound en- gineer. He has had the oppor- tunity to mix for local bands; such as the Pulsators, Soul Fuse, Levi Lloyd, THUGZ , Foxes in the Henhouse and Rhythm Rangers to name a few, as well as some touring acts like, Ma- ria Muldaur, Pato Banton, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Coco Montoya and most recently, Black Uhu- ru. Formato says, “I love music and I love doing what I do, it’s a positive thing!”

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Meet the Author Dotty Shenk of “Fire in the Wine Country, Hanks Story”

Hank is a 3-year old Tabby Cat who had to evacuate to Solano County during the 2017 Wildfi res!

Silent Auction & Fundraiser at Soda Rock Winery

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Join us for

May 19, 2018 Starting at 6pm

This years event will raise funds for a much needed structure to temporarily house any cats prior to barn relocation or adop- tion! CCAT has placed 50 feral cats into Barn Relocation including cats displaced from the Wildfi res!


8015 Highway 128 in Healdsburg

Featuring Wilson Family Wines and Marks the Spot Catering!

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Call: 707-302-8236 UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • May 2018 • 17

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • May 2018 • 17

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Brittany Burgunder 1st Annual... Weird Facts & Trivia - 4

Kefi r is a fermented camel’s milk beverage with a 2 - 3% alcohol content, popular in the Caucasus (a region between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea). Kefi r was originally made from camel’s milk, but is now frequently made from cow’s milk.


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