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business park behind Home Depot in Windsor. To get there you drive down a long drive- way off Shiloh Rd, past a large vacant

lot toward industrial warehouses that share parking with other industrial business- es, but not seemingly, a brew- ery!

Barrels of Fun!

Sonoma County CA. ~ Na- tional Home-Brew Day, also referred to as “The Big Brew” is always held on the first Sat- urday of May.

This year that

festive day lands on another iconic day in May, “Cinco de Mayo”, or May 5th.

National Home-Brew day was first presented before Congress in 1988, by the American Home- Brewers Association (AHA) to mark the 10-year anniversary of home-brewing becom- ing legal in the United States. It was Presi- dent

Jimmy Carter

that signed HR 1337, which included an amendment

prohibition of home- brewing of beer and homemade wine.


was 1978, and Jimmy Carter had ignited the spark that set the whole craft

beer revolution

into motion. And now we have home-brewed beer and wine to enjoy. All the taprooms and brew pubs have some roots in home-brewing.


Barrel Brothers located at 399 Business Park Ct., Wind- sor, has expanded their brew- ing facility to include a larger taproom. When I first visited them, their taproom was barely a room and the crowd would often spill over into the brew- ery. Now with the expansion into the next industrial bay, they have more room and have expanded hours.

Founded in 2015 by brother-

erations. From the Pale Ales to Black Lagers; from bitter IPAs to Sour Ales, there is a perfect beer for your palate. The mi- crobrew revolution has made it mark and we all enjoy the fruits of the home-brewers legacy. This month the Beer Boys vis- ited a taproom tucked away off

in-law, Wesley Deal and Dan- iel Weber, with their father-in- law, Tom Sather, these aspiring brewers got their start, with an invitation to brew a 5-gallon batch on a weekend. Making beer and drinking beer, what could be more inspiring!


home-brewers, the basics of water, grain, hops and yeast, it seemed the possibilities were end- less. Fast forward five years, hundreds of reci- pes, and thousands of dollars in equipment, and you have aspiring business with a grow- ing fan base. Wes was inspired enough to enroll


UC Davis in a four- year brewing program. Daniel was already well into his career in the boutique

wine indus-

try in hospitality and marketing.

Tom, was Cristina, our server was awesome! This

fast- growing hobby brought out the vast array of styles and tastes, beckoning all gen-

the beaten path. This one is so off the beaten path you could easily miss it. the

It is located in middle of an industrial

a rebel brewer from his college dorm days, back when home-brew- ing was still illegal. Af- ter Wes graduated UC Davis, the three pooled their skills and life experience, took a leap of faith and opened a brewery. Wes as the brew master, Daniel with his mar-

“I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.” ~ Stephenie Meyer

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • May 2018 • 19 by Barry O’meara & Paul Doyle

keting and hospitality training and Tom, I guess helping with those 16 ounce curls. A new taproom was born. Barrel Brothers offers broad spectrum of Pilsners and Ales. From a

bitter IPA to Bar-

rel Aged Sour, they cover all the style and tastes.

This is a

craft brewery, so they are mak- ing small batches and always working on something new and creative. The menu is full of seasonal beers and they are constantly rotating new and different beers to try.


offer growler- fills, and their beers can be found throughout Sonoma County on tap or in cans and even bottled Sours. The day we came in, our server was Cristina and we sampled seven beers. The first one we tried was Blond Voy- age. This is Belgian cream ale.

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JOKES & Humor # 5 Three drunks hailed a taxi. The taxi driver seeing that they were very intoxicated when they got in, switched on the engine and switched it off, and said we are here. The 1st guy gave him money, 2nd guy said thanks, but the 3rd guy slapped him. The taxi driver was stunned because he was hoping that none of them would have realized the car didn’t move an inch. So what was that for, he asked. Control your speed next time, you almost killed us.

•Organic Fruits & Vegetables

• Gourmet Cheeses • Local Wines

• Health & Wellness • Bulk Foods • Dried Fruits & Nuts • Sandwiches & Salads

OPEN DAILY 8am-8pm • 1691 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • May 2018 • 19

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