Classic Brands Adds New Hybrid Offerings To Urban Loft Brand By Christopher Schriever

“From the inside out, our Urban Loft Thermic beds deliver on comfort, support and offer a great visual for the retail sales floor . . .”

Building on the success of its Urban Loft brand, Classic Brands is rounding out the brand’s family of products with a new hybrid mattress line. The four-bed Urban Loft Ther- mic collection delivers the buoyancy of Talalay latex with the support of a pocketed-coil sys- tem, while innovative cooling fabrics provide added comfort and temperature regulation. The new hybrid collection is priced to retail from $799 to $1,199 and features Classic Brands’ innovative Cool Gel Thermic fabric. Hy- persensitive to heat and cool to the touch, the fabric absorbs body heat for a cooler night’s sleep and darkens when touched. “From the inside out, our Urban Loft Thermic beds deliv- er on comfort, support and offer a great visual

for the retail sales floor,” said Michael Zippelli, president and CEO of Classic Brands. Available in 11.5-inch, 13-inch and 14-inch profile models, the mattresses offer a superb combination of coils, Talalay latex, gel-infused memory foam and high-performance foam. The highest profile model includes layers of gel-infused memory foam, performance foam and latex foam atop the wrapped innerspring coil base. Each mattress is dressed in a quilt- ed, upscale knit cover for a luxurious look and feel in trendy gray hues. “These beds marry the best of both worlds,” Zippelli continued. “Individual wrapped inner- spring coils offer support and the latex and foam provide the layers that conform and re- spond for a deeper night’s sleep.” Visit

Shifman Masters Collection Sports A New Look And Feel For Its 20th By Gretchen Kast

Shifman Mattress Company is celebrating the 20th

anniversary of its Masters Collection by unveiling a new line at the High Point Mar- ket. With a new look and nine different styles, this new line-up offers a variety of comfort preferences while still retaining the compa- ny’s popular two-sided, hand-tufted design and eight-way hand-tied boxsprings.

The updated collection features vivid new covers that offer superior strength and dura- bility, as well as a plush surface feel. Keeping with the tradition of using the finest qual- ity, natural materials, the collection is made with natural cotton, natural latex foam, Joma wool and angora fiber to achieve the desired comfort of each style. In addition to compli- mentary borders, Shifman further enhances the line’s modern look with coordinating spe- cialty tape, gunmetal-colored corner guards and increased border height. “Over the past 20 years, the Masters Col- lection has become extremely important to Shifman,” said Bill Hammer, president of Shifman. “The fact that we do almost 50% of our total dollar business in this category with prices starting at over $4,000 for a queen set exemplifies the tremendous value built into every product. However, the other 50% of the business is done on other product collec- tions that feature more popular price points starting at $799. The combination makes for

28 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2017 Anniversary

a successful retail mattress program with an average unit sale that is three times the in- dustry average.”

Shifman will also showcase its Modern Comfort Collection and American Heritage Collection at market. The Modern Comfort Collection combines premium features such as natural cotton and hand-tufting with the flexi- bility of individually wrapped coil innersprings. The American Heritage Collection consists of nine beds designed to compete with other premium mattresses while providing product differentiation to the retail environment. “This line is part of our aggressive expan- sion plan to bring the Shifman Difference and its unique story to new markets,” added Tim Wade, national sales manager. “It’s a tre- mendous opportunity to help large bedding retailers expand their business by offering better quality and customer satisfaction while delivering a higher average unit sale and in- creased profitability.” Visit

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