3 Shifman Mattress Since 1893, Shifman Mattress Company has been manufactur- ing mattresses with the belief that quality, integrity, craftsmanship and attention to detail are what set it apart from the competition. The company’s Masters Collection perfectly embodies this philosophy with its two-sided construction for longevity and maintaining an even, durable sleeping surface; supe- rior innerspring and Shifman’s signature eight-way hand-tied boxsprings for optimal support; and natural, luxurious materials for breathability and thermoregula- tion. Completed with stately brass corner guards and a true hand- tuft that prevents shifting and bunching, the Masters Collection

4 Eastman House Priding itself on its 150-year mattress-making legacy, East- man House continues its pas- sionate commitment to hand- crafting the highest quality sleep products. By merging the best of traditional mattress making and design with advancements in sleep technology, the compa- ny focuses on the ergonomics of sleep—as both an art and a science—in its premium mat- tresses. Now Eastman House is paying homage to its founding fathers with its new high-end Chittenden & Eastman label. The new seven-bed line, aptly named the Founders Collection, emphasizes natural materials that promote healthy sleep and features

hybrid construction

with hand-tufting, pocketed coils, buoyant layers of Talalay

distinguishes itself as a haven of comfort. Each mattress is finished, inspected and packed by hand to ensure the highest quality control, showcasing the company’s pride in its products. Constructed with meticulous care and thoughtful consideration of even the small- est elements, Shifman mattresses clearly convey that beauty goes well beyond the surface.


5 Vispring With a storied past that dates back to 1901, Vispring remains true to the philosophy of its founders: build the most com- fortable,

luxurious mattresses

latex and an exclusive tri-zone Talalay latex with more support in the center. Organic wool in a heavy-blistered, knit ticking assists with temperature reg- ulation while the collection’s centerpiece model, the Mas- terpiece, adds a two-inch layer of natural latex for additional comfort. The Founders Collec- tion touts a classic aesthetic that presents gracefully on the showroom floor.

possible using the finest natural materials. Each mattress is made individually to order and entirely by hand, employing knowledge and

skill passed down from

generation to generation. By crafting

customized bespoke

creations, each mattress is made specifically to suit those that will be sleeping upon it. Pairing the best of the best in materi- als—including Platinum-certified Shetland wool—with the com- pany’s

hand-nested Vanadium 4

steel springs, Vispring’s respect for exceptional quality is evident. The bed’s exterior reflects the care given to the interior, featur- ing genuine hand side-stitching, hand tufting and tape edging, all creating Vispring’s signature, vo- luptuously contoured and sump- tuously smooth surface.

Visit /,,,,, 19


6 Kingsdown Unparalleled crafts man ship has always been a hallmark of Kings- down mattresses, but what sets the

company apart from the

masses is its dedication to sci- ence-backed innovation. De- cades of sleep research has given Kingsdown a deeper understand- ing of the impact sleep has on the quality of life, motivating the company to rigorously test each end product before releasing it to the public. Exemplifying the company’s commitment to using only the best components com- bined with meticulous artistry is Kingsdown’s Vintage Collection. Boasting an impressive array of 11 models, each Vintage Col- lection bed is handcrafted using only the finest natural materials including cotton, New Zealand’s Joma wool, silk and latex. These natural materials combined with high-end finishes like invert- ed luxury seams and traditional hand-tufting result in an exqui- sitely luxurious mattress that strikes a unique balance between modern sleep science and tradi- tional craftsmanship, and simplicity.

elegance 6

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