“We’ve been doing this for 57 years,” Wright continues. “We know the past. And by knowing the past, you can learn from it and create a better future.”

A product aimed towards a high-end, luxury shopper is going to look very different than a young millennial buyer who “likes craft beer and wants to buy as local as they can,” Wright explains. “That’s just a totally different aes- thetic, which means it’s going to be a totally different package.” Wright Global Graphics is armed with a unique understanding of how to evoke dif- ferent emotions through specific aesthetic choices. The company doesn’t simply follow the latest fashion trends, but helps to shape them as well. As members of the Color Mar- keting Group, Wright Global Graphics is part of the team that decides the newest “of the moment” colors—the hues that will be seen everywhere from cars to appliances to mat- tresses in just a few years. “It’s all about making sure that our custom- ers’ new products are stylishly in-line with the trends,” explains Vicki Fishman, vice president of marketing. “We want to make sure that we’re not leading them down an aged path. We want it to be fresh and attention-getting in any retail environment.” This process is about much more than just aesthetics, though. At each stage of develop-

10 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2017

ment, Wright Global Graphics is taking into account the end-use of every component piece. How will it affect manufacturing oper- ations? Does it need to be roll-packed and stuffed in a box? How is it going to be imple- mented in the retail space? “We try to look at it from a very holistic view-

point,” Wright says. “You don’t want to create any additional problems for the manufacturer or retailer. We try to create something that’s going to be the most cost-effective and pro- duction-efficient for the company.” Over the years, the company has devel- oped a number of advanced technologies that allow for greater efficiency, quality and customization. These innovations serve as the scaffolding behind each branding project, providing valuable solutions that create new opportunities for their customers. “We’ve been doing this for 57 years,”

Wright continues. “We know the past. And by knowing the past, you can learn from it and create a better future. We’re always looking to evolve the conversation, to create new op- portunities. We’re always looking for a new, better, different way to enhance the product.”

Introduced nearly ten years ago, Wright

Global Graphics’ Showroom Solutions Express program has quickly become an invaluable re- source for easy-to-order branding and point-of- sale collateral. Offering high-resolution printing, low-minimum orders, high-quality materials and durable hardware, the program makes it easier than ever for companies to order and upgrade their branding materials. This year, Wright Glob- al Graphics will introduce newly revamped pro- gram offerings—including a new fabric process that allows them to print any texture, pattern or color upon a selection of raw textile goods. “To compete with the online juggernaut, traditional retailers have to step up their game. The retail environment has to be warm, welcoming, clean and informative,” Wright explains. “This will give our customers the opportunity to provide their retail partners a really differentiated top-of-bed program that is going to feel a little higher-end without the real high-end price tag.” The new program update was designed to solve some of the most common issues brands encounter when working with textiles. First, what do you do if your fabric of choice be- comes, for whatever reason, suddenly unavail- able? Additionally, it gives the company more control over color matching by keeping the process internal. As with the entire Showroom Solutions Express Program, this new printed fabric option will be available to customers at affordable price points and very low minimums.

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