Thomashilfen Launches New Website

By Christopher Schriever Thomashilfen recently launched a new dedi- cated website for its Thevo Bed collection. In addition to showcasing the company’s Thev- oRelief therapeutic mattresses, the site also spotlights a variety of other products in its portfolio including the ThevoRelax neck pil- low and Protective Mattress Cover. Thomashilfen’s Thevo Bed is specially en- gineered to provide support in areas where it is essential to balance body weight. Com- bining a responsive suspension framework with custom-made Swiss foam, this innova- tive mattress provides superior comfort and support. The bed features a patented wing-

spring support system that helps advance recovery, increase blood flow and ensure perfect spinal alignment regardless of sleep positioning. Thomashilfen’s unique blend of open-cell foam offers continuous airflow and essential pressure relief. With the debut of its new website, Thom-

ashilfen is providing mattress shoppers with an easy way to find the perfect mattress for them. It gives consumers the chance to deter- mine the proper firmness level for their needs. Since each Thevo Bed is designed to support a specific weight range, customers can rest assured that the mattress will function at the level of excellence it was designed to reach.

Additionally, the new website features a robust “reviews” tab full of customer testi- monials—giving shoppers added confidence that they’re making the right choice for their sleep needs. Visit

Beautyrest Targets Younger Consumers At The 2017 MTV Video Music Awards By Gretchen Kast

Beautyrest recently partnered with Back- stage Creations to contribute 110 Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitors and certificates for two Beautyrest BlackICE Memory Foam pillows to the celebrity gift bags handed out at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. Distributed in con- junction with the August 27 event, the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards Celebrity Gift Bags were given to a variety of recognizable figures, including all show performers and many pre- senters and nominees. These gift bags garnered significant cov- erage from the media, with Beautyrest’s contributions highlighted by a number of different entertainment and business outlets. In support of the project, Beautyrest also hosted the Beautyrest VMA Pillow Contest on Facebook and Instagram. To enter the contest, participants commented with the artist they were most excited to see perform during the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. This creative digital campaign was a suc- cess, garnering more than 173,000 impres- sions and over 27,000 engagements.





into the hands of influential musicians, ac- tors and performing artists is a key part of marketing our brand to younger consumers,” said Beautyrest Vice President of Market- ing Communications Michelle Montgomery. “Quality, high-performance sleep is import-

ant to performing artists and everyday per- formers alike. Our Beautyrest Sleeptracker and Beautyrest BlackICE pillows are de- signed to help obtain this high-performance sleep and we were thrilled to participate in this opportunity.” Visit 15

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