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ALP Training Institute Inc. Hamilton, Ontario

Owner: Adam Lloyd

Size: 6,800 sq. ft. (gym 5800 sq. ft.; change rooms 500 sq. ft.; coaches’ lounge 200 sq. ft.; reception 200 sq. ft.; office space 100 sq. ft.)

Number of members: gym = 119; group training = 39; personal training = 67; online = 32; hockey program 26–50; 10 teams

Member demographics: 60 percent men, 40 percent women; 70 percent age 18–34, 20 percent age 34–50

Number of staff: 6 coaches (personal trainers), 4 receptionists, 1 cleaner, 1 owner, 1 operations coordinator

Equipment: 10 squat racks, barbells, bumper plates, platforms, rowing machines, spin bikes, Olympic bench press, cable crossovers/jungle gym, functional trainer, ropes, kettlebells, sleds, resistant bands, TRX, etc.

Membership fees: general memberships $49.99–$69.99/month; group training $109– $199/month; personal training $65–$85/ hour; athletic program packages (cost varies)

Programs: StrongGirls (women-only group training), personal/semi-private training, online nutrition and lifestyle coaching, athletic programs (primarily hockey), Transformation Challenge, Summer Body, workshops, obstacle course racing, etc.

36 Fitness Business Canada July/August 2017

focus on high quality service constant- ly generates a high volume of word of mouth referrals. We often host events—member ap-

preciation days, weightlifting events, workshops, after hours party, etc.—to give back to our members and clients and to attract new business. We always generate a spike in sales after these events. For all of our clients—our wom-

en’s only group training program (StrongGirls), personal training, our online lifestyle and nutrition coach- ing program, our athletes and our members—we have a client nurturing system that includes connecting with their doctors, athletic therapists, fam- ily physicians, coaches, and friends and family. Of course we design awe- some training programs and coach all of our clients on sound nutrition strat- egies, but we go far beyond this. For example, we communicate with them outside the gym, adding additional support and guidance whenever need- ed. We even have systems that send

referrals to our clients own business- es. With our athletes, we reach out to their agents and coaches to ensure we have all the info we need and to keep the athlete’s network in the loop.

What we charge Our services are priced favour-

ably—not the most expensive, but no- where near the cheapest. We would love to offer fitness at a very low cost and are working on strategies to make our services even more cost effective (for example, online coaching, longer payment plans and more semi-private programs).

The bottom line We are very grateful to have far ex-

ceeded our initial revenue projections. We are currently on pace to exceed our year-two projections, generating a 300 percent increase over our year- one projected revenue. Our projected monthly new sales have been con- sistently on point or higher, with our best month (January 2017) topping $38,000. There are hundreds of variables to

consider when evaluating success, but by all standards we consider ALP to be a great success after our first year in business. What counts most for us are the enthusiastic testimonials and re- ferrals and the emotional phone calls and in-person conversations that hap- pen regularly and that tell us directly that we’re making a difference. FBC

Adam Lloyd is the owner and CEO of ALP Training Institute Inc. in Hamilton, Ontario. Contact him at

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