Google search or from your marketing materials–well before they set foot in your club. These early experiences let you communicate your brand clearly and set up re-targeting through brows- ers and social media to build trust and greater brand awareness. After a tour and/or trial, systems and timely offers that keep prospects engaged and build trust increase your chances of moving them to a buying decision.

After sign-up Once you have new member, start-

ing them out the right way greatly im- pacts whether they get into a routine, purchase additional services and/or become a long time member. While an assessment is a key tool for sales (the general population is also aware of this), your initial engagement must be even more comprehensive, including, for example, a goal setting and plan- ning session. This is a chance to use technology to educate your new mem- bers, to underscore the value of your training services and to establish a

pattern of regular support. When I managed a club, I told my

trainers that as long as we aggressive- ly followed up, instead of aggressive- ly closing, the bottom line would take care of itself. However, it takes a sys- tem to ensure that this happens. Here is where technology can allow

you to provide more options beyond the typical group classes and personal training packages. If anything, more options for support (such as monthly fitness programming) coupled with re- assessments builds value and encour- ages the purchase of more sessions. This approach changes the tone of support and member flow, by increas- ing the number of member touch points and engagement opportunities with your staff.

When members leave When members leave your facil-

ity after their workouts, continue to track their eating habits and workouts to make your staff and facility omni- present in their lives. People are more

connected to their phones than ever, so having a presence on their devices is key to keeping them engaged. Even when a member cancels, this

does not need to be the end of the rela- tionship. Technology can help former members stay engaged, with fitness programming or virtual classes, and is a good way to secure new revenues and to ensure they return when the time is right. Re-engaging cancelled members in the future can only be done effectively with a system for fol- low-up emails, offers and online tar- geting. FBC

Nick Corneil has worked as a personal trainer, gym manager and operations manager for a chain of gyms trying to find better ways to sell fitness based on support rather than pressure sales. Two years ago he found Trainer+ where he has combined his passions for technolo- gy and fitness to help fitness professionals be more effective and be a relevant part of the circle of care. Contact him at support@train-




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