What lesson, learned at a recent professional development event, have you successfully implemented in your facility?

their sleep and eating patterns and their stress levels. All of this informa- tion helps determine the type of work- out you design for them, gets them moving forward and helps them to love themselves again. They can't do it without you.

Elaina Bahm Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 Certified Corrective Exercise Coach Georgetown, Ontario

“I decided my job was to grow the business not work in it as a trainer.”

I decided my job was to grow the busi- ness not work in it as a trainer. While the idea of backing off my

Elaina Bahm


hen I began in the fitness field over 10 years ago, I used to notice that a physical work-

out was not enough for many of my clients. I'd put them through a great workout, but they seemed to be stuck in their lives; they weren't moving for- ward, something was blocking them. I've recently taken the Holistic

Lifestyle Coach courses through the CHEK Institute. The focus is on treat- ing the body as a system of systems by applying “the last four doctors you'll ever need: Dr. Diet, Dr. Movement, Dr. Quiet and Dr. Happiness.” Incorporating these four doctors

Kelvin Galbraith

into your client programming lets you determine what areas need to be im- proved upon while also understanding your client’s true dream. You can't move forward without un- derstanding what your client wants,

12 Fitness Business Canada July/August 2017 Devin Sherrington

his business not in his business. I have long been the engine of my


gym doing more sessions than the other trainers because people would request me and I didn't want to say no to the money. After listening to this speaker, I

made a shift in my business. I backed off the number of hours where I taught classes and trained clients one-on-one.

recently went to a professional de- velopment seminar where another gym owner spoke about working on

hands-on work was a stressful con- cept, the outcome has been much bet- ter than I could have hoped for. The gym runs more smoothly, I have a bet- ter grip on the running of the business and the profits have risen. I would suggest to every gym owner

that they take a step back and work on their business not in it.

Devin Sherrington president 360fit Halifax, Nova Scotia


What is one simple thing a club operator can do today to improve their club?

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